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Is It Unspiritual to Have Goals?


Patricia: “I’m a long time student of A Course In Miracles and love its message. There is one part I still struggle with, though. It clearly states to let go of all goals, all plans, and let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit. And yet today on the Voice for Love Blog there is an often quoted study about how goal setting and writing goals down improved the lives of those who did it over the long term, and how the ones who didn’t set goals for themselves didn’t do so well. Doesn’t common sense dictate I need goals? Yet the only peace I get is from doing my daily Course in Miracles lessons in which I give up all attachment to my body, my personality and all material things.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Holy and Precious Child,

“The beautiful lessons of A Course in Miracles are indeed helpful but sometimes misunderstood. Yes, it is important to know and understand that you are living in an illusion, but do not mistake this concept to mean you are here without purpose. The teaching that a human being should remain ‘detached’ from the world is not saying to be uninvolved in your own life.

“Indeed, have goals. In fact, do whatever you do with complete purpose and dedication, but without attachment to results or outcomes. You are a being, a creation, of Love. Love seeks to give, to express, to discover, to explore, to be fulfilled. Your human body and human life are Its vessel. It seeks to pour through you. The distinction to make is not between having or not having goals, but in choosing what will be expressed through you, whatever goal you may have.

“The goal is the vehicle, dear one, the means but not the end. In this sense, it matters not what goal each one chooses, for any goal can be the vehicle to express and experience Love. Pain comes when goals are seen as an end unto themselves. Let us say the goal you set does not come to fruition, despite your efforts. Could you be at peace with that, trusting that Holy Spirit knows what outcome is in your best interests at all times, that only your highest good is being worked out in all things? Whatever happens, dear one, detachment does not mean to not do anything, but to not be attached to the outcome. Rather, understand and trust that all outcomes belong to God and your highest good is the True Goal being served in all things.

“Set your goals just as you would set the sails on a boat. This simply points you in a certain direction for your journey. As the Course teaches, the kingdom of heaven lies within, and does not lie in anything outside of you. So do not make any goal your kingdom, for you will only find pain and disillusion there. Yet you are in this world for now. You are here. We would say to you, live your life fully, being everything you are, yet always with the goal of expressing the Love of your true nature through whatever you do. In this way are all the manifold expressions of Love allowed to flow. And in this way is the Illusion redeemed and its purpose fulfilled.

“You are the Son of God asleep, having the dream of separation – that is the Illusion of which the Course speaks. Reality is the Love within you, the identity of who you truly are, your kingdom within. To awaken is to experience the Illusion consciously with Love, instead of unconsciously in fear and attachment. Attachment is the belief that certain things must happen for your peace. Whatever goal you may choose, know that Holy Spirit’s goal is to aid you in the process of awakening to the inherent safety in which you dwell.

“Love’s goal is to express. Your goals in the world allow Love’s goal to be fulfilled. Follow your guidance and indeed follow your heart. Keep your True Goal in your heart and let it inform all temporal goals you may set. Holy Spirit is teaching you at all times, through your study of the Course, through your current circumstances, through these questions that you ask, through the choices that you make. In everything give thanks, for in all things are you being blessed and perfected. Do as you feel guided to do, and trust all outcomes to God.”