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Is It A Sin to Marry a Non-Christian?


Kristina: “The person who loves me is not of my religion, but he is willing to study the Bible and convert to a Christian and then marry me. He is willing to do anything for me just to make me happy. My parents find it difficult to believe and they feel I am falling into a trap. But I believe he loves me even more than I love him, and I know that is the greatest blessing.”

The Voice for Love: “Beloved child of God, thank you for having the courage to ask this question. I know this is important to you and therefore, I will answer the many questions that are presented here.

“Beloved one, I want you to know that sin does not exist except in the human mind. Please contemplate this, if you will: Almost all religions agree that God Is omnipresent (present everywhere, within all things) and that God Is Love, unconditional, eternal Love. If this is true, and certainly Christianity agrees with this, then how could God lack something, how could He need anything? The Almighty IS all things therefore He does not know lack. In His unconditional Love of you, His precious child, He neither demands nor needs anything of you. It is you in your human condition that chooses, always, between the only two voices that you may listen to: Love or Fear.

“God’s Will is that you be happy, profoundly happy in the absolute knowledge that you are one with Him. Nothing else matters to Him because once you know you are one with Him and always Loved by Him, everything else becomes secondary. Seek first the kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be given! By asking your question, you have done so, beloved one. Please take a moment to feel this.

“You have asked if it is a sin to marry someone not of your religion and I have explained to you that it is not, for there is no sin in the eyes of God. All things or situations are but experiences and God has no judgment and no agenda. Just Love.

“Beloved one, it is important that you look deep in your heart and ask yourself if you can be in a relationship with a man who cares more for you than you for him. That is the real question and only you know the answer. To be loved by another is a grand thing but it is also important to love as well. Mutual love creates a strong partnership for when things get difficult, and it also brings you joy as the giving is as important as the receiving. I tell you this with much love. Please join with God in prayer as you contemplate these things.