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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Is It A Sin To Consult A Clairvoyant?


Simeon: “Is it a sin to consult and deal with a clairvoyant or astrologer? There is one I recently came into contact with on the internet. They have said some interesting things but I do not want to sell my soul to the devil.”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, I am with you in this moment to answer your questions and offer love. I would remind you that at no point in your journey of life have you ever been alone. I have always been there holding your hand, guiding and supporting you although you have rarely felt my presence. We are one, just as I am one with All of Creation. Remember my Love is present in all things, for I am the Life, the Light and the Way.

“Do not fret over meaningless labels or allow the projections of others to impact your experience. Look to your heart, ask with real intent and know you are being guided in all aspects of your life. I would not have you openly reject the counsel of those who serve Truth because of preconceived notions you have unwittingly picked up, yet I would also not have you blindly follow the advice of those who claim to serve the Light. Be wise and judicious in the advice you heed.

“Remember the Voice of Truth resides with you. You need no outside help to discern what action is appropriate for you in each moment, but seeking the advice and counsel of others is not a ‘sin.’ I encourage you to ask yourself, ‘Why am I asking these questions?’ When you receive an answer – no matter the source – look inward, search your heart and ask, ‘Does this resonate with me? Can I feel the Truth of these words?’

“Seeking guidance outside of yourself is neither good nor bad, it simply is a choice you have made because deep within you there is a belief you are not worthy to receive your own guidance. My guidance is always available to those who have the courage to ask, yet I would in this moment encourage you to seek answers wherever they may show up for you. Know whatever the source may appear to be that God/Holy Spirit is the source of Truth.

“To answer your question in a direct fashion, no, it is not a sin to consult a clairvoyant. You may be surprised to learn everyone on planet earth is capable of hearing my Voice. The one you are consulting with is no more clairvoyant than your own inherent ability, yet they have developed the trust and courage necessary to hear that still, small voice within. Again, there is no sin in what you have asked, yet I would encourage you once more to look within and seek your own counsel.

“There are many blessed channels who lovingly bring forth messages from Source, yet there are some who would deceive and lead you astray. Again, be judicious in what you take to heart. Love is a palpable feeling that even the smallest child can identify; conversely, messages not of the Light also convey a vibratory frequency of a much lesser scale. Be not deceived by your own desire to hear Truth from another, but exercise wisdom in the thoughts you entertain. You are the gatekeeper of your mind.

“Remember you are loved. The truth has always been within you. Blessings of Peace and Love.”