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Is God Judging America For Its Wickedness?

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Tom: “It is my understanding that the Lord states the decline of the world must not be the center of worry, for it is so in order for things to come to pass. However, is God casting or going to cast judgment on America for its wickedness in both domestic and international affairs? Or is it being spared because of a remnant of the truly righteous?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, we wish to remind you that you are loved and that at your core, you ARE love, as God’s infinite child. There is no one who is not love at their core, and all are held tenderly in the Mind of God. Love cannot condemn, it can only extend.

“All the seeming errors of the world are not to be feared, for love does not fear. To perceive wickedness in another is the result of thinking with fear instead of with the Voice for God within your loving center. While each has an idea of how they want things to work, and often things don’t work the way they want, their experience of the result depends upon whether they are thinking with fear or steady with the Voice for God within their loving center.

“The world, as each person perceives it, either reflects love or fear, depending upon each person’s willingness to feel the love within and make decisions out of that love. In loving decisions, no one loses. Fear generates more fear, and fear is what causes anyone to choose unwisely. But they are never condemned by unwise decisions. Yet their fear causes them to condemn themselves, and that leads to more fear and stress, which in turn leads to more decisions made out of fear and stress. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they recognize that no matter what they do, they are unhappy and there has to be a better way. If they are then willing to feel their own loving core and realize that all living beings share that same loving core, connected to God with the Holy Spirit, then and only then do they begin to perceive things differently.

“A good teacher and a loving Spirit do not condemn or destroy students because they seem to constantly make decisions out of fear. Rather, that teacher leads them with love and waits patiently for all to finally recognize their true self as God’s shared Love.

“The belief in Love that some religious people have could give them an advantage if they chose to use it to bring themselves back to the awareness of Love within. But God is eternally loving and therefore eternally patient, without showing favoritism to anyone and without condemning anyone. For God to condemn any of His children, who are extensions of His Love, would be to put God at odds with Himself. That can never happen. The belief that it can happen is a result of humans feeling separate from God. That is a fundamentally painful idea which is the ultimate source of fear-driven actions.

“We repeat, you are loved, you are safe, and so is everyone. It is merely awareness of reality that is so often lacking. This lack of awareness is fearful and generates a lot of drama in the world. But regardless of what anyone believes, because all are God’s children, all will eventually recognize and feel that. It might take many life experiences, but time spent feeling outside of heaven is for people to learn of their God connection.

“Blessings to you, my child. You are indeed on your path and ultimately, it will lead you home and you will know the experience of heaven.”