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Is Daniel Hearing the Voice of God?

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I saw this headline and it grabbed me, “Hearing the Voice of God?” I was intrigued and started reading.

Here was a man who called himself, “a former militant-atheist (mostly a CHRIST-basher), a former “do-gooder”, a former socialist believer with a hope in a utopian society, and most of all, a former carnival-life rider without a drop of peace.”

I kept reading to discover if this former militant atheist was now hearing God’s voice.

At some point, Daniel started talking about being saved by Jesus Christ. I immediately knew he was now a born-again Christian. Passionate and convicted. Was he really hearing God’s Voice?

If he is hearing the voice that fills his heart with love, peace, compassion, and acceptance. The answer is yes.

Is that voice being filtered through his beliefs? Most definitely. Is the voice of God that I hear filtered through my beliefs? Most definitely.

Is it possible to hear God’s voice directly without being filtered by our beliefs? That is a good question.

In my experience, God speaks to us exactly where we are. We can only hear what we’re willing to hear. Nevertheless, God’s love, truth, and wisdom can squeeze through our limited and often unconscious beliefs, bringing light, love, and insight into the areas of our mind that we willing to have illuminated. This is precisely why when we share spiritual counseling with people on our free counseling hotline, the messages that get shared are different for everyone. What one person needs to hear may be different than another. The same goes for ourselves as well.

Are there times when we are more willing than others to let more light in to the dark areas of our mind? Absolutely. Sometimes, we have big shifts in awareness. Other times, little shifts.

This is the way it is for all of us. This does not discount, however, our hearing of God’s voice. We hear whatever we are capable of hearing in this moment to restore our awareness to the truth. How could we hear something that we are not willing and ready to receive?

The more we can accept this reality, the more able we are to embrace it. When we embrace it, every moment can be enlightening moment, one that brings us ever closer to the truth within us.