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Interview with DavidPaul Doyle and Larry Crane of the Release Technique


If you haven’t heard of the “Release Technique,” you are in for a real treat!! This past week, I interviewed Larry Crane, who has been teaching and practicing this powerful healing technique for 30 years. In this inspiring interview, Larry not only describes the Release Technique, but he also demonstrates it LIVE with numerous callers, walking them through the process. It was wonderful to hear peoples’ positive reactions and healing right on the phone call.

I was surprised at how similar the Release Technique is to our own process of “Extending Love,” which is one of the foundations of our work. I think it’s the closest technique I’ve heard of to our own teachings on Extending Love. In fact, I actually consider the Release Technique a unique expression of “Extending Love,” one that I really appreciate.

To listen to the interview now, click the play button below. At the end of the call, Larry makes a special offer that I would like to extend to you. The special offer is $82 off his Release Technique course. To take advantage of that offer, please click here for all the information.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

If you have any problems using the above audio player, click here to download the interview in MP3 format.