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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Infidelity, Forgiveness and Peace

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Kevin: “I recently found out that my girlfriend, whom I have a son with, is cheating on me. She has done this before but when I found out the previous time, I forgave her. I am not ready to lose her and would rather forgive her but, this time aroun,d I need her to confess. I am hoping that she can change since on confession I will forgive her. I love her, however, I am confused and depressed. Am I doing the right thing?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, we honor, love and respect you as you continue your journey through the story of your life. Your innermost sense of reality is calling you now to seek a new perspective, as you are in pain and this is not what your heart desires.

“The situation in which you find yourself is not about your girlfriend. It is about you and how you have placed yourself relative to her actions and how you have chosen to respond inside of yourself. While your girlfriend has chosen to fight a losing battle with respect to her relationships to others in her own life story, it is no longer your story. Neither is it loving and respectful of you toward yourself or her to continue to play the role you both have assigned to you in your intertwined life stories.

“You think you are lost within the experience you are now focusing upon. You believe that your girlfriend is responsible for your experience, just as she believes that her unfaithful behavior is responsible for her life experience, in spite of the fact that it always fails to bring her the joy she seeks. We assure you that your wish for the experience of true love and inner peace can and will come true, but not from your current path. However, it is readily available and but awaits your active choice.

“As you let go of your perception that your girlfriend is responsible for your awareness of Love’s presence and let go of your desire to control her story in order to make you happy, you will open up to an infinite way of seeing and experiencing the deep quality of the Love that you are. You will become aware of an inner joy, which is your true heart’s desire.

“We ask you to focus on your own healing by releasing your beliefs and practices as they pertain to your girlfriend. There is only one thing that you can do for her to help her to heal, and that is to enter the healing garden yourself. She too will enter this garden, but not under your terms. She will enter it because of who she is in her reality, as a beloved extension of God’s Love. When that might happen is not your business at this time. When you join us there is your business. As healing begins in that garden, you will begin to see your world from the perspective that you have always longed for, with the keenly sensed experience of creativity, gratitude, true forgiveness, true empathy, and love. That is your nature.

“Blessings to you on your journey. We love and respect you, and are there to hold your hand and guide you whenever you seek us out, within your heart.”