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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

In Giving We Receive


Lana: “I am 50 years old, single, and have no family living near me. I was Catholic and Christian for more than 40 years. Several years ago I attended a new thought church, and this started me on a much more fulfilling path in my spiritual growth. That being said, I still struggle with some of the same issues I’ve always had. Why can I not get ahead in my career? I am a hair stylist but I have struggled trying to build a clientele for years. I get marketing ideas and I try them but still I am living hand to mouth. With the state of the economy I find that I am having more fear about my future. Why am I not a success in life or love?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious and Holy Child of God, thank you for reaching out in this way to explore possibility and understanding. Your life is a learning vehicle, and God is always teaching and guiding you as you go. Your circumstances as they presently are, though troubling, are not a punishment nor in any way a judgment or condemnation from God. You are not being graded for your performance as a human being upon the earth. You are only and ever loved by your Creator and Source. In fact, you yourself are an expression of God in the world.

“There are so many at this time who share your struggle with work and finances. You are not alone in this, as you know. This is not said to minimize your concerns, but to acknowledge them. Even so, please know that you are never alone for Spirit is always with you, always there to lovingly guide and support you in your journey. Please take the time to quietly go within and connect with Spirit–there by moving your attention to your heart. Listen for that loving Voice within and believe in its reality and truth.

“It is not a separate Voice from your own, rather, it is your own Voice whenever you connect with a loving thought, a forgiving thought, a gentle, kind or helpful thought. That is the Voice for Love within you. The more you recognize this Voice and hear and respond to it, the more guidance and peace you will experience. Think of it like a radio station you are tuning into – you have long listened to the station that plays thoughts of fear, worry, doubt, confusion and self-judgment. Now see your hand upon the dial, turning it to tune into the station where only thoughts that are loving, gentle and helpful are expressed.

“You are currently stuck in a cycle of worry and fear. Your circumstances cause you to worry and fear, then your worry and fear cause your circumstances to constrict, causing more worry and fear, and so on. This is a stagnant situation energetically, and you can change this. For in truth it is not your experiences which determine your thoughts, but the way you relate to your thoughts which determines your experience.

“There is a principle taught in almost all spiritual belief systems that one receives what they give. When your circumstances seem so constricted, it may seem difficult to see that you have anything to give, but in giving you may break this cycle of worry and fear. You would be expressing abundance instead of lack and, since your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world, abundance instead of lack would be reflected back to you. Abundance is not a matter of quantity but quality. It is a way of looking at yourself and your life. But when circumstances are constricted, it is difficult to change your thinking in this way. This is why an act of giving is so helpful, no matter how seemingly small.

“Can you, for instance, clean out a closet and give away unneeded possessions or donate them to a thrift shop? Can you give an hour of your time each week to a volunteer activity, or an hour of your services without charge? Can you give a dollar or two to anyone who may need it, or share a meal or a conversation or a smile? Make it your daily task to give something away, even if it is only a moment of your attention or time. In this way you are seeing yourself as having something to give, instead of not having, and thus will your perception change.

“Know that even a moment of your attention or time is precious, for you are precious. Everything about you is a treasure. You yourself are the vast treasure chest of God, and anything you give of yourself is as sparkling riches heaped upon the world. The world needs your gifts, and in giving you will receive. It is not what you give but THAT you give. It is the giving itself that matters, for in giving you are expressing abundance instead of lack, love instead of fear. And doing so will break the closed energetic cycle in which you are currently trapped. And in this way will things begin to change, like a frozen river where the ice begins to crack and melt and the waters flow again.

“You are not powerless, dear one, for you always have the power to choose your thoughts. Choose loving thoughts and loving actions, and give away something every day as you are able. Make this your spiritual practice and watch your life change.”