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I Believe in the Power of Music

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Imagine a world without music. Where there’s never a song to sing to, never the chance to pick up a guitar and pour out your soul. Imagine never having a groove to move to.  Imagine never getting to write a song, or sing along to the radio. When I turn on my music and I feel it beat into my heart, I suddenly realize everyone’s innocence. My opinion changes, and I see everything for the better; music gives me this power. This I believe.

How would artists express themselves if their language were taken away from them? Music is what mankind uses to sing crying babies to sleep. Music is what mankind uses to celebrate life’s great gifts. Music is my way to hear myself, and become one with something greater than just me. When I blast music I open up to the possibilities, like I could do anything, or be anyone.

When I have a bad day or I’m angry with someone, I usually go plug in my iPod headphones and start playing music. For the first minute or so I sit, sulking. And then I remember that there’s more than pain. More than what hurts. But if I were to listen to any other music than pop music, it wouldn’t have the same effect. Then I can thank life for being there for me when I wasn’t pleased with myself. And I thank music for holding my hand and helping me to the truth; helping me to appreciate what I have, while I have it. Music has given me an amazing gift: how to appreciate.

When I feel music, it’s not only through my ears, but it’s penetrating into my heart. I experience its beat intertwining with my heart’s beat and we become one. I feel the music’s purpose and intention, which helps me comprehend mine. I do believe that music has given me so much, but I want that feeling to be shared with more people than just me. I want others to feel that smile beaming from their face when their favorite song begins to play on the radio. Music makes me feel that way; like I could do or be anyone or anything in the world I want.

A world without music is a world I don’t want to live in. Music gives singers, musicians, songwriters, and dancers a voice to be heard with. But what music gives me is more than that. Music gives me a new reality and a new way to be heard by myself. Song moves into my life, guiding me into becoming a kinder, more appreciative person who listens with her heart. I believe in the power of music.