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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

I Am Petrified With Fear

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Rita: “Two years ago my soul mate died of cancer. It was a horrible death and I tended him through it, losing my house and going into bankruptcy. Now I’m petrified of doctors and have no insurance. Please help me.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious Heart, know first, foremost and always that you are greatly loved. Even in these present circumstances which are causing you such fear and distress, you are loved by God, always. You feel alone but are not alone. You feel unsupported but are not unsupported. There is always and ever great love for you and divine aid and assistance available to you.

“Your first step then, is simply to stop, become still, and breathe. Think of your fear as something you are gripping tightly in your hand and thus able to let go of. It is fear itself that is causing your present distress and blocking you from peace. Stop, breathe, let go. Do this in any moment when you feel overcome. Perhaps you will only be able to manage a single moment of this stillness as your circumstances crowd around you, demanding your attention and igniting your fear. But even a single breath breathed in peace and stillness will help you. Your circumstances are as they are, but whether to be in fear or in peace, you always have this choice.

“Remember how you took care of and ministered to your beloved one in his illness, so lovingly, so gently, carefully and kindly. Be this same way unto yourself now. If you met someone in your same circumstances, would you grip them in fear or embrace and comfort them? Extend loving thoughts to yourself, your circumstances, your past, your present, your future. Again, think of all the ways you ministered to your beloved and minister unto yourself in those same ways now. Nothing helpful can arise in a state of fear and distress. There are answers and guidance for you already but they are blocked from your awareness by panic and hopelessness.

“Bankruptcy and the loss of your home are indeed fearful things in your experience. Know, again, that it is how you are viewing these events that is causing your suffering, as ominous as the events themselves may seem. For bankruptcy can be also be viewed as a tool for resolving debt, a chance to start again, freeing you to move forward differently in your life. This is a time of transition for you, leading you to new places ultimately, though you cannot see it now.

“We say again, please extend all the kindness and care and love and tenderness to yourself that you gave your partner. Create a clean and open space within yourself for the answers and guidance that you need to arise. You did not withhold help from your beloved, and God does not withhold help from you, His beloved. You could not have tended to your beloved in his illness if he did not lie still and allow you to help him. In just this way you must also first be still and create a peaceful space within for help to come to you. Ask God for that help, dear one, and then wait in stillness and trust so that you may receive it. Be open, pray, ask, trust, breathe. Allow the answers to unfold.

“Know again and in all moments that you are greatly loved, always. Do not judge by your circumstances whether this is true, but know it from within. For God does not judge you by your circumstances, but loves you in all circumstances, always seeing you as you truly are, His beloved and holy child. Your partner’s difficult death may have frightened you and left you in doubt of this, for how could a loving God allow his child to suffer so? Know that all things have their purpose, though it may not be visible or understood at the time it is unfolding. Understanding comes the same way guidance and answers come: they arise unobstructed within the peaceful and trusting heart.

“Know that you are loved, Precious One, always.”