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Human Interaction A Catalyst for Long-Lasting Healing

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For most people, healing our deepest most profound emotional traumas and wounds is difficult to do on our own. We all experience addiction in one form or another, but for those who experience life damaging addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and other addictions that destroy our families, our relationships, and our lives, joining with other people on a regular basis for counseling and support is perhaps the most important thing we can do.

Being an introvert, I didn’t realize how important it was for people to join with each other for healing and growth. For many years, I believed that simply teaching people how to hear God’s voice within them was all we needed to do to get them connected and healing in their lives. It took me many years to come to understand the importance and necessity for many people to join with others a regular basis for communication support. This need for human communication and interaction is one of the most powerful components to helping people overcome their addictions.

One of the most progressive areas in the country for drug addiction is Southern California. In Los Angeles, there are numerous drug treatment centers that specialize in integrating spiritual counseling and group counseling into their overall approach to healing. Walter Hoving Home for women, for example, “incorporates a spiritual approach to sober living in a 12-month program. Women attend regular individual and group counseling sessions, day classes, a daily work program and extracurricular activities.” It is these types of programs which have a profound impact on people’s success in healing.

This was one of my core motivations in establishing our free spiritual counseling line. I wanted to give people an opportunity to join with others in their time of need. I wanted to give people the opportunity to build to pick up the phone whenever they wanted for spiritual counseling support. We are not in a position to have a physical treatment center or a physical environment in which people can come for group counseling and coaching, yet being able to connect with people over the telephone is the next best thing.

Each and every day, we are hoping people reconnect with the source of healing and peace within them, and many of the people who call in have addiction related issues. I’m always grateful to hear that these folks get off the phone feeling comforted, hopeful, and connected with a force for good with them.