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How to Grow in Trust of Your Partner

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Victoria: “I feel as if my relationship with my partner started out with many secrets. Time passed and walls came down and honesty flourished. But I often find myself questioning anything he says now as to whether it is fact or fib. I am very analytical in nature and I find it is my downfall. I want the nagging thoughts to stop until he actually gives me reason to believe he isn’t being open and honest. I don’t want to be a human lie detector. This puts unnecessary stress on our relationship. How can I find inner peace in trusting my partner whom I love so much?”

The Voice for Love: “My holy and most perfect child, thank you for coming together with us with this most important question. Imagine you have been carrying a very heavy, large, unwieldy suitcase with one broken wheel, and you have just let go of the handle and realized how much easier it is to walk thus unencumbered. This is what it feels like to let go of the desire to not trust.

“Precious One, your very nature is trust. That is actually what you are made of. Love trusts. Trust loves. You have given yourself a wonderful example of the feelings of trusting and not trusting. And already you like the feel of trusting; it feels good and natural and easy. You may trust this, My precious one.

“When you are feeling obligated by worldly wisdom or perhaps by a girlfriend who has had her own experiences of distrust, I want you to pause and take a deep breath. This is a perfect time to extend the hand of friendship to your doubts. They are not here to harm you. They have simply forgotten how to trust. In your willingness to offer the hand of friendship, your doubts will again remember that they DO know how to trust. If your doubts are so severe that you must have answers, let Me be the one to give your heart those answers.

“You are gracious in your willingness to ask for guidance in learning to trust. We are thankful to you. What you are learning to trust is your Self, My precious one, not so much your partner. The more you allow your own worthiness to surface in your awareness, the more you will trust your partner. You still believe trust in founded in behavior. Behavior is but acting like being. Precious one, would it not be easier to simply BE?

“Again, when you are assailed by doubts, extend your hand of friendship to your doubts as if they were passengers run amok at a busy airport and you were leading them quietly to their gate for departure. You will have done your due diligence in extending love and helping your doubts on their way. They do not need to take up residence. They do not need to be eradicated. Then allow yourself to ask Me when you are needing assurance of your own worthiness. Allow yourself to ask Me for assurance of your partner’s worthiness. I will surely guide you, for I am always in your heart of hearts.

“Thank you, Precious one, for your willingness. You are truly beloved.”