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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Regain Self-Esteem

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Ginger: “Previously I was in a relationship where I was put down a lot and made to feel like I wasn’t worth anything. I got very depressed and had to see a doctor and a therapist to help me get better. I’m no longer in that relationship but it  really rocked my self-confidence and I can’t seem to get back to the place of being happy with who I am and how I look. This doesn’t make sense because people compliment me all the time, tell me I have a perfect figure, that I’m a lovely person, etc. I also have a new boyfriend who’s always telling me I’m beautiful, but I can’t seem to believe it any more. How can I feel good about myself again and see in myself what others see?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear one, it is joyful to join with you in your quest to find the true beauty of your real and eternal self. Rest assured that you are not anything less than that — eternal, peaceful, loving and extending beauty.

“You are not your body, and when you are at least willing to accept that, you will learn to look with love and acceptance upon the lovely vehicle which is your body. You will find it the perfect tool through which you can extend the love that you are, first to your own awareness and thoughts, and then to your perceptions of others. While you wait to accept true awareness, you imagine that others think this way or that about you. Yet not only can you not understand how they view you, it really doesn’t matter how they view you. You will learn to experience what DOES matter, and observe what does not matter with a kind and compassionate heart, when you come into true knowledge of yourself.

“When a child of God misuses perception to judge others and what they might or might not think, it is only that they are seeing through the clouded glass of their own history of experiences. They cannot see another through the eyes of the other. They cannot walk in that person’s shoes and think that person’s thoughts. Neither is truth revealed by the attempt to do so. It is not.

“There is only one way for anyone to truly see another. It is also the only way to truly see their self. That way is to look through the eyes of love. For the love that you are is self-aware, and that self-awareness extends to others so that they are newly seen in the light of the perceiver’s self-awareness. Such awareness forms the background fabric on which to perceive anything about another. Such love reflects an awareness of the true nature of God’s child, which is Love in its essential form. That is all that really matters, for it is the source of all creativity and effective being in the world.

“Your past experiences of who you thought you were, were fabricated from lack of understanding between people, where jealousy and rage were the natural consequences of the belief that one is primarily a body in a world of limits, contrast, and scarcity. In such a world, there are always the haves and the have-nots. It is a vicious game from which one must eventually extract oneself and find the peace and acceptance inherent in the awareness of Love’s presence as your only true and shared reality.

“Do this: Allow yourself the time and space to consider and experience the love you feel now and in the past. Just be with those feelings for a while. Allow them to fill and entertain your experience. Bring the thoughts of those beings you would embrace with love into your mind. When thoughts of expectations from these relationships arise, simply smile upon those thoughts gently, and then move beyond them to consider the feelings of appreciation you have for that which you love in life. When other thoughts arise, do the same. Let the experience of your love be central, while you observe your thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts. They are temporary and possess only the power you give to them. True power comes through your experience of the love that you are within, so give only that loving experience power during this exercise.

“Take time to practice this every day. Allow yourself the loving experience. You will come to recognize that deep within you, formerly hidden from awareness, there is the person you really are. She is the one who extends that ability to love. Make her your best friend. Talk to her. Listen to her counsel. Be with her often during the day and night. Walk with her and talk to her. Do this alone. This we ask of you, to restore your awareness of your beautiful self, as well as your awareness of us, who are one with your reality.

“Blessings to you, beloved. We are always One with you. We are always there to support you. You are safe in all your doings. Amen.”