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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Pray More Effectively?

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Ben: “When praying, should prayer be directed at God or Jesus? If we want God’s help, do we ask for help or thank Him for help?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearly Beloved, thank you for expressing your heart’s longing to experience a deeper, more personal sense of effectively communicating with God. For this is the internal trajectory and migration of your spirit and its journey to return home to the truth of who you are.

“Please know that Jesus and God are one in the same.  From your understanding and faith in whatsoever name by which you address God and your innocent desire and earnest willingness to join in dialoguing with God is, in and of itself, prayer. Furthermore beloved son, you are always heard. There is no secret combination or set order of words to string together, nor precise name to address God to seemingly unlock union with God or get God’s attention. For assuredly, God hears not only every audible utterance of His children, from the gurgle of an infant to the eloquent, elaborate prayers of thelearned; but also every silent, unspoken prayer of the vast family members of mankind.

“Recall that one, if not the most widely known among my children, source of the written guidelines on how to pray came from Jesus Himself. It is The Lord’s Prayer. It begins with ‘Our Father.’ This is the simple acknowledgment of being created by your Creator and the source of your very being. It is the posture of being on one’s knees regardless of whether the body is physically on its knees or standing with hands out stretched in a pose of surrender. It is the free will choice of a child of God to join with God from within, where He resides.

“As to whether to pray first or give thanks for the answered prayer in advance, whatever comes from your heart is perfect and fitting. As God sees you, you are not capable of making mistakes. Think of how two loving parents would hover over their child’s crib and be ecstatic to hear their young one utter its first words! Fault-finding as to how the child pronounces its words is the furthest thing from their minds.

“Faith is like a mighty seed within each child of God, theirs to tend by willingness and free will choice. The life of this seed, once germinated by the conscious acknowledgement of each being, is the divine and holy experience and birthright of every child of God. Your spiritual walk and life experience is yours, and the point of saying this is to encourage you, from now on, to pick up and use what serves you in your prayer life and let go of what no longer serves you. Your faith and prayer-life are living and changing experiences. Faith grows with experience.

“In your conscious experience of communicating with God in prayer, be open to the entire range of emotions that have been created by God to experience. Whether it be grief, sadness, anger, joy, gratitude, delight, awe, it does not matter in which order these emotions and impulses come. It is helpful to one’s faith to recall the many times in one’s past that one has been provided for and to recount the things in one’s present experience that are already provided for. Out of this awareness, when your perceived needs are expressed, you will oft times feel your faith surge in and of itself. You may from time to time sense the assuredness that what you are asking for is already manifest. But just as the weather is different every day, so too will be your experience. God meets you in every single instance of your here and now.

“We leave you with this encouragement that the simple utterance, ‘Thy Will Be Done,’ will help allay any soulish attachments and unnecessary disappointments that come from mankind’s expectations as to being attached to outcomes. In truth, all creation silently says ‘Thy Will Be Done’ – the trees, flowers, animals, insects – all able to live in the fullness of the love and faith of God’s provision, unencumbered.”