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How to Help Another’s Self-Confidence

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Beatrice: “My son is a kind, thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, and good-looking young man. Yet he lacks self-confidence no matter how hard I’ve tried to motivate him. Since his dad suffers from depression, I am wondering if he has the same tendency. He is in a relationship and they now have a baby girl. I am concerned as to whether they are going to be happy together in the future. What can he do to help himself?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Beloved, it is with a loving heart that you seek to know how life will play out for the son you hold so dear. Yet the source of your discontent with your unknowing is your own lack of trust. Such inexperience with trust comes from your own unwillingness to accept yourself as an extension of God’s Love, regardless of all that you have struggled with in trying to understand life.

“To be at peace, we ask you to start with these basics. Allow yourself to sit daily and experience your own deepest loving nature, your ever present desire to allow the love that is you to flow through your experiences and to touch that same love at the core of others’ being.

“Your son is safe. He is an extension of God’s Love, just as you are. Like all people across all earthly time, he has chosen the design of his life for the purpose of recognizing and expressing that love. And yet, like all people, the incomplete understanding of his own reality and safety has hindered his experience of fulfillment in his earthly life. But that has not changed his basic reality. Neither has your incomplete understanding changed your reality. It is the resistance to such awareness that fosters depression, which is the result of deep inner conflict.

“Trust who you are. And trust that because of who your son is, he will learn what it is he is here to learn. You can neither know how that will transpire, nor do you need to know. His dance with life is his own, as yours is your own.

“Through all of life, God stands beside you and him. You are both deeply loved. Some choices will compete with the human desire to experience the love that you are and its accompanying feeling of safety. But such choices also will reinforce awareness of what love is not, and thereby guide you and your son in the direction of choices that help you to experience what true, eternal Love really is.

“Be at peace with this. Your own acceptance of love, your own learning to trust the love that is the core of your being, as well as the core of all children of God, will be the greatest teacher to all, including your self. You are beloved, and nothing you think, do, or say can change God’s love for you and your son. All choices you make are temporary. The only permanent choice anyone can make is the choice to truly recognize reality, which is the Love that you are in your Oneness with God. Embrace your son, his lovely family, and his life and process. It is not better nor worse than your own. But it is his. Allow yourself to feel the love in that embrace. Only your fear can distract you and your son from the experience of true eternal success in achieving life’s purpose.

“You are Love, as an extension of God’s Love. You are loved, as part of God’s Sonship. You are safe. God is never apart from you or your son, even when your experience of yourself is one of being apart. You are treasured, and your lives are of great value in God’s plan, each in its own way.”