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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Grow in Awareness of Peace and Trust

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Tamera: “After living for four years in a city with a lot of racism and isolation, our family is finally moving to a new city. We are all a bit apprehensive as the last move was a disaster. Though I know we learned a lot from the situation, our children are not especially keen on the idea of moving again after our previous experience. I need some reassurance to feel peace and trust that all is as it should be. How can I rest more in God’s heart, no matter how it appears on the outside?”

The Voice for Love: “Thank you, Dearest One, for opening your heart and mind for input on your situation. Please know that you are always guided and protected. You can feel the love of God and your angels and guides at any moment. Simply take a few moments to yourself, breathe deeply until you feel relaxed, and then simply allow the love of God to flow over you.

“At first you may have to imagine a flow of light or healing water flowing over you, but as you practice, you will be able to feel this love more and more easily. It is also useful to say a prayer of thanks, something very simple such as: ‘Thank you, dear God. Thank you, dear angels and guides, for watching over me and guiding me. Please help me to feel your love and guidance at all times.’ Using this technique every day, if even for a few moments, will help you relax and know that all is well.

“You are brave to make this move with your family. Please know that this is divinely guided and will be for the highest good for your family. It is never easy to make drastic changes such as moving to a new city. However, you are following your heart and higher mind by making this move away from the negativity you experienced in your former home. You are demonstrating the courage of your convictions, and although there will be a period of adjustment, all will be well.

“Trust is a very important characteristic to cultivate. Please know that the universe is a wholly loving place. When difficulties arise, it is because one’s soul is desiring an experience for growth. Thus, painful experiences are not meant to become permanent, or to cause diminishment of the soul. On the contrary, painful circumstances are ways in which you are being guided by your higher knowing into paths and ways of being that are better, more loving, and more likely to lead to your desired outcomes.

“Use patience, trust and faith to see you through, and know that all is well! God bless you, Dear One!”