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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Find Your Way in Life

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Rachel: “My boyfriend and I had a falling out a little over a week ago. I need to hear from him again as I am extremely depressed and have a lot of anxiety. Will I find my way in life?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, let us begin by acknowledging your true essence and nature. You are made from Love, my dear one; you come from a Loving Source. Your depression and anxiety are not due to the presence or absence of your boyfriend, much as this may seem to be the case. Love is always present; a relationship simply gives expression to what is already within you.

“If you would but know this and rest in it, you would have peace. It is not your boyfriend who makes you feel loved, it is that being with someone in such a relationship opens the door to the Love which you are. Having a boyfriend is an expression of the Love within you. A boyfriend may come or go, but it is not actually possible for anyone to take Love away from you.

“Of course it is wonderful and fulfilling to express love in a relationship with someone. We do not belittle this in any way. We would simply encourage you to know and believe that the loss of a boyfriend is not truly the loss of Love. The door to your heart may close, but Love is still within it. This is why it is indeed possible to “find your way in life” – because the Love that resides within you can always light your way if you but let it.

“What is something you love, other than your boyfriend? What is something you love to do? A place you love to be? An activity you love to participate in? What brings you joy, pleasure, laughter? What inspires you? What is beautiful to you? Perhaps you have lost touch with these things as your anxiety and depression have come down like a curtain over your heart. You must reconnect with your own heart, my dear one. Having a boyfriend or not having boyfriend cannot be the beginning or ending of you. You must matter, not just to a boyfriend, but to yourself.

“The journey you are on as a living being on this planet is not from aloneness to coupled-ness. While you may certainly have the experience of relationship with another along the way, it is not your salvation. It is not having a boyfriend that makes you happy, it is that when with a boyfriend you allow yourself to access the happiness that is within you. When with a boyfriend, you open your heart. When in a relationship, you express Love. Please know and understand that these things – happiness, love, joy – are within you and with you now, already and always.

“Anxiety and depression become your friends when you feel alone, uncertain and afraid. Anxiety and depression keep a cocoon of protection around your heart, like thick insulation blocking the possibility of disappointment and pain. See anxiety and depression protectively guarding your heart. They will stay as long as you need them. They are not wrong, but they cannot leave until you are ready to open your heart to yourself.

“Come out of hiding, dear one. Open your heart, not just to a boyfriend, but to yourself and your life. Make friends with your own life and heart. Follow the trail of what you love, connect with what makes your heart sing, express the Love that you are, and this is how you will indeed find your way.”