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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do I Find Peace and Healing?

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Stacey: “I have been in 12 Step programs in the past for eating issues and I read books on spirituality voraciously and crave a relationship with God. I continue with a food issue and sometimes alcohol. I work at a job I don’t hate but don’t feel I have found my passion. I live in a town I am okay with but I used to live where I felt very spiritually connected to the mountains. I feel a bit down and frustrated. How do I find peace, healing, joy and passion?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear Beloved One, your nature is to love because you are an extension of God’s Love. Love always tries to extend itself, but the distraction of the constraints that define the world can seem to block that expression. We say ‘seem’ because in reality Love can never stop being the creative power that it is.

“In the world, the expression of love can manifest as passion. Passion is a powerful worldly force for those who feel it deeply and act upon it. But to focus passion in more than one or two directions can zap human energy, so generally only one passionate expression of creative love within is possible at any one time. The energy expenditure can seem too great for most humans to attempt even one passion.

“In a society that admires and rewards the expression of passion, those who do not realize that they have all they need to express the love within can feel very thwarted and frustrated. That feeling of blockage is often attributed to other people, places, and events in their life. In frustration, they often turn to addictive behaviors, out of their great need to feel peace and the love that is within. One such behavior is to use food or drugs to raise their physical feelings of happiness. Another is to punish their body, blaming it subconsciously for the blockages that seem to prohibit the creative expression of their love. They often experience this feeling of lack as an inability to receive love, on their world’s terms. In reality, it is their own blockage of the extension of their own love that they experience as lack.

“We tell you that when you allow yourself to develop the habit of knowing and experiencing the feelings of your own inner goodness and love, it will provide you with all the strength and inner wisdom you need to find and express any passion. More than that, you will come to know that your love can be continuously expressed, without the need for a single focus that stimulates the body to feel passion.

“Take time each day, before indulging in any substitute, to sit quietly and feel yourself as the love you once felt within. If distracting thoughts intervene, as they often do, extend love to them, without the need to judge them as good, bad, or indifferent. If feelings arise, allow them and extend that feeling of love to them also, without judgment.

“Your passion for the mountains is natural. Such large beauty of nature reminds you that you are a part of something larger than your body, personality, and worldly perceptions. Indeed, you are. You are part of us—all God’s creations. You are capable of growing your awareness of that belonging and feeling its magnitude wherever you are. As you allow the experience of the love that you are, you also allow the experience of knowing your oneness in that love with all others, regardless of their beliefs. Your experience of connection will become more profound for you. It will include all those you encounter, even when they have not recognized that same experience within themselves. No one will appear to be a barrier to your connection. They will simply be where you were before your experience, no matter what form their beliefs or personality might manifest.

“All are naturally a part of that love that you are. The more you practice, the more you will be able to know the remedy for any issue. It will always be endorsed by the love within, regardless of its form. You will come to naturally allow the love that you are to compassionately embrace all your thoughts and feelings, without conflict that results from judgment.

“You are indeed a powerful and loving being. We are grateful for your passion to recognize your reality.”