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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Feel The Voice Of God?


George: “How can a man feel the voice of God… when his mind is lost?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear Beloved One, when you agreed to travel the journey of being human, you also agreed to hold My hand as you walked through life. I am always with you.

“And yet, as you progressed and encountered all the beautiful things in life, as well as the many barriers to obtaining them, you got caught up in the seeming reality of the many objects you thought would help you be happy on your journey. You changed in focus from your true self to the worldly objects and events from which you fashioned your image. With that change in focus, you forgot My presence and your purpose. This is the way of the initiate in human life, and once one discovers the stress and lack of fulfillment along this side journey, one begins to feel as though they are lost, strangers to themselves. It feels as though one has lost one’s mind.

“What has happened is not the loss of a mind, for your eternal Mind is always home with Me, wherever you seem to be. But your conscious, human brain has forgotten its real self. It has forgotten its agreement to walk with Me, even though I am still there with you. “My brother in life, My child in eternity, you need but to resolve to bring Me back to consciousness. When you do, you will feel as though you are regaining your seeming lost mind. You have spent years practicing forgetfulness, caught up in the definitions and use of all the bounded forms of earth and events involved with forms, thinking they defined your true life. “Only your real mind can guide you now, back to the place of knowing your purpose and feeling the love that you really are. It will take time to undo your life’s self-taught barriers and beliefs about yourself. But I am here for you. Your mind is not lost, as it is with Me always. You must simply allow yourself to gently remember it.

“Love your deepest self by taking time to feel that love, which you are as God’s creation. Put aside the distractions of the world for a short time each day. Step back from your thoughts and watch them, but do not believe them. Their seeming reality is mixed with your misplaced focus and loss of true memory. Instead, extend compassion to them, which comes from your deepest sense of the love in your heart. That is the same love with which you entered the world. It is still there. It is your true self. It holds the Voice for God tenderly in its awareness.

Extend that tenderness to your thoughts of the world and your life. Allow yourself to be at peace. That which you truly are will lead you forward. Allow your thoughts to be cradled for a while each day in the holy care of this True Self, without judgment. Such thoughts will gradually be replaced with the thoughts from God, the gentle thoughts of love and appreciation, thoughts where no one loses, even in the face of the apparent boundaries on the path of life. You will feel these thoughts as much as or more than you think them. You will feel as though you have found your true mind. In truth, it was never lost.

“Blessings to you, who are truly blessed.”