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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Earn a Living Helping Others?

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Nina: “I recently completed a course in angel therapy because I genuinely believe angels exist and are always willing to help us. I also underwent Reiki training and understand thoroughly the importance and effects of our chakras being balanced. What I would like guidance on is how and where do I begin earning a living by helping people? I believe both can go hand-in-hand as long as I am true to what I seek to do. I find it frustrating and depressing to have learned all this and still be getting nowhere.”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, we are indeed most happy to be here with you in this moment. Your lightness and joy is quite evident. Even in your sense of frustration it is glowing– a sunbeam in the dawn, growing and growing to greet the day.

“You are frustrated because you have not picked your path. All of these forms of expressing love and guidance are all perfectly open and fine. In choosing one path to concentrate on in your own spiritual awakening and awareness, you allow your willingness to grow and fill you in a way that it will quite naturally overflow into the arena of helping others.

“Let us first concentrate on hearing your own heart, for that is the greatest help you can give right now to yourself. Here is a practice that will help you be aware of your magnificent heart of joy and willingness to love. Rise in the morning and find a place of quietness – a room, a park bench, your car. Sit quietly for a few minutes and just notice your breathing. Breathe in and out and notice the rise of your chest and the fall of your tension. Notice the many thoughts you have dancing around you. There is the thought of wondering ‘How can I earn?’ and also the thought of ‘How can I help?’ Behind these is the thought, ‘I can’t know what I want to do, it is impossible.’ Notice how your body feels, notice the tension in your shoulders, notice the rumbling of your morning stomach asking for food. Notice all these thoughts and bid them welcome and thank you.

“These thoughts, these innocent thoughts are swirling around you like birds gather around a place of water. Fear them not. Extend any flavor of love you feel: gratitude, allowance, gentleness, angel love. These thoughts are your friends, not here to curse you but to bless you. Extend blessing to these thoughts, blessing and welcome, and see your mind slowly open into a wide, green vista of possibilities and blessing. Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to experience in my spirit today?’ And then wait quietly and listen for the answer. The answer will surely come.

“Follow this guidance. Your spirit may want to experience nothing more than a walk or a drink of water. Or your spirit may want to experience laughter, forgiveness or truth. Listen and be guided for it is in your willingness and listening that you will unlock the joy already fully present in your heart. Ask Me to guide you, in every way. Trust in this guidance. You are not alone, you are attended by a myriad of angels, some of them dressed as people.

“Give thanks for the comfort and support you are always given. Practice each morning this welcoming of thoughts and asking your spirit what it wants to experience today and notice the lightness of your step and the sureness of your own path.

“Thank you, dear child, for your great spirit of willingness. Go and receive the blessings of your day.”