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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Cope with Unemployment

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Sophie: “I lost my job about 3 months ago. I have been doing everything I possibly can to network and search for a job but as of today I haven’t found anything yet. If I don’t go back to work soon, I will lose my home. I live alone and right now I’m pretty scared.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, do not be afraid of your future. Though it is always unknown and full of potential curves, it belongs to you and the light within you will show you the way. Eventually you will find a job, but for now your movement along your path in life depends upon letting go of any particular attachments you have to your home or to your location or to your sense of how it seems things must be for you. This does not mean that these will change, but you must let go of your belief that your happiness depends upon them not changing. It doesn’t, and eventually they will change.

“This is an opportunity to open new doors in your awareness of how you can contribute to the world and provide for your own earthly needs. You are entirely blessed and safe on this journey and this new bend in the road in the web of your life.

“Reach into your heart and find the strongest structure of support through your heart. Hold up that support, as doing so will strengthen you. Your primary support cannot break, ever. It is the love that you are, the love you have known within since you were a curious child. Let go of the fear, just as that little one did, and doors you hadn’t noticed before will open to you. Explore them and offer a helping hand to others who would walk through those same doors.

“Be at peace with the unknown, for it is the condition of life on earth. Instead, look to your inner support, your inner love. Extend it to your own thoughts and feelings, then extend it to other people, animals, places and things. This inner work will hold you up as you trust it to enlarge your field of vision about what you can do and where you can do it.

“We love and support you. You are never alone. See our reflection in every corner, in every person in your life. We are there. You are a blessing! We love you.”