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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Cope with Loneliness

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Rosalind: “I am a single mom with two kids. I gave my heart to the Lord almost two years ago but before that I always had this desire to serve the Lord, and now I do. Still, at this stage of my life I get very lonely. I have been single for almost five years now. All I desire is a loving, caring and honest husband. It is not that I don’t trust God. It is just the fact of the loneliness that I cannot handle. I want someone to love and hold and share a life with. I just want to be happy.”

The Voice for Love: “Dear one, it is so easy to feel unloved when you are alone, for that is the pain of the loneliness you are experiencing: the feeling that you are unloved. So know first and foremost that you are loved of the Lord as a precious and cherished jewel, and that He sees you and knows your heart and all that you experience. He knows of your aching for companionship and He knows of your striving for what is right. The Lord Himself is with you, at your side, comforting you, strengthening you, aiding you always.

“Once you know you are loved, you will have love to give another. Even now you can love those who are in your life, your children, your family, your friends. Give love and you will receive what you give. Stir the pot of love like a good strong soup that you serve to those around you for nourishment and for comfort. Love given will be love received. Love served to others returns to the giver. You need not WAIT to love. Love now, who you can and where you can, and love will come to you.

“Dear one, you have whittled down your life to just a few precious things. You have made your life smaller than it needs to be. Open up your life to more – more expression, more color, more variety of activities and doing. In this way your heart will become lighter, and the Light will come in, opening the door to the companionship you desire. For it is within your reach to have.

“The Lord would deny you nothing that would make your heart glad. You are deserving of this gift.”