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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Cope with Infidelity

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Alecia: “My husband of 4 years asked for a divorce and moved out 2 months ago. He is having an affair with a coworker but has not filed the divorce paperwork yet. My counselor suggests I do not contact him since he has made the choice to be with someone else, but the Christian heart in me wants to call my husband. I love him very much and I want to spend the rest of my earthly life with him as the spouse God calls me to be, but I feel guilty praying for him to change. I know I need to give everything over to God, but how do I know what to do on earth? If I don’t contact my husband, will he slip further away? If I do contact him, is that not allowing God time to work His healing?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Child, thank you for opening your heart and mind to Spirit for input into your situation. As in all things, seeking a higher way in this circumstance allows your heart to be refreshed.

“The fact is (and you know this), you have control only over your own choices and actions. What your husband does is up to him alone. While it is true that your thoughts and prayers are felt by him, you are not able to–nor would you want to–influence his behavior overtly. Although you may feel afraid to contact your husband, it is actually not necessary for you to speak in person in order for your love to reach him.

“Because you love God, it is important for you to know God’s will in this situation. Please know that God judges neither you nor your husband. It is God’s will that all His children be happy and live in peace. As humans, it is difficult to avoid heartache and detours on life’s path. Having faith that, although you do not know the outcome, God’s love is still being expressed will help you to go forward.

“This is now the time for you to seek inside yourself. Rather than allow your thoughts, energy and life force to be directed towards your husband and influencing his mind and heart’s decisions, let your energy and love flow to your own dear heart and mind. Take time alone to feel the love of God that is flowing through you and permeating you. This is always true, and it can be felt more and more as you practice every day. This is the everlasting love that is your birthright and your gift from the Father.

“Can you demonstrate faith by stepping fully into the flow of life, God’s life? Are you willing to allow all things? By surrendering your heart and mind to God, you can begin to heal.

“Bless your husband. When you find that your thoughts are turning to him, simply send a blessing to him. Pray that God blesses him. Release him into the care of God. Do this whenever you think of him. Do it with a grateful, trusting heart. Truly love him unconditionally. Pray also for yourself, that you will be comforted and gently led. Simply say, ‘Dear God, bless me and guide me. Heal my heart and mind. Help me to forgive and move forward in peace and joy.’

“As you maintain these practices, you will be prepared, strong and ready for whatever the outcome of the situation with your husband may be. God’s hand is in this circumstance. Trust Him, Beloved One!”