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How to Cope with Your Husband’s Gambling

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Lavinia: “For almost six years now I have been praying for God to stop my husband’s gambling habit, but still my prayers have not been answered. I prayed to Jesus to bring my husband to His way but Jesus doesn’t seem to hear me. I am really suffering for what my husband is doing. If Jesus knows all of my situation, why doesn’t He answer my prayers?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, thank you for your question and for opening your heart to a higher perspective. Please know that you are greatly loved and treasured.

“You are experiencing great emotional pain because of the actions of someone close to you. Although you feel that your prayers are not being answered, it is never true that you are without assistance. Let us look at your prayer requests.

“You have asked Jesus to change your husband. Beloved One, please recognize that your husband is a free-will child of God just as you are. He is acting from his own free will as his soul goes through the lessons he came here to master, just as you are going through the soul lessons you are learning at this stage of your life.

“This is not to say that you should not pray for your husband. God is not withholding love from your husband. Jesus does not love your husband less because he is a gambler. In reading your Bible, have you ever read a story where Jesus changed someone without their permission? Yes, He healed and even raised from the dead. Did He make all husbands good citizens who did only what is right? Or, did He forgive everyone who was ready to be healed?

“Are you able to forgive your husband and continue with your life with him in a peaceful manner? If you are not able to continue your life with him in a peaceful and happy manner, then you must consider changing your situation. You are not meant to live suffering.

“Instead of asking Jesus to change your husband, why not pray for Jesus to open your heart and show you the path ahead? Ask Him to show you the best way to live. Trust the answers you hear. Simply say, ‘Dear God, dear Lord Jesus, please help me to open my heart and to know how to do what is best for myself and my life. Please lead me every day and step by step to the happy, fulfilled life that You have planned for me. I open my mind and heart to Your guidance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

“You can also pray for your husband, ‘Dear God, dear Lord Jesus, I know that you know the heart of my husband. I ask for the best outcome for him as your dear child. Please help me to help him in any way possible and show me how to forgive. Bless my husband in your loving care. Thank you. Amen.’

“You are not responsible for your husband’s life. God’s love is overshadowing him as well as you. At any moment he can turn and embrace God’s love. In the meantime you can take responsibility for your own happiness by allowing God to lead you. Trust in the loving guidance that is available to you. Seek your own peace of mind.

“Bless you, Beloved One. All is well, truly it is!”