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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Cope with Doubt

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Miranda: “My husband and I have moved with our baby to a small island. We came here to provide a safe place to raise our child and so my husband could get away from his stressful job. It was a leap of faith coming here. I am worried I will not be able to handle this very different environment and being so far from family and friends. I am also worried about money; I want my husband to find work that makes him happy but I feel stuck at home alone with no easy way to see loved ones. If we are following God, why am I not at peace?”

The Voice for Love: “My dear one, thank you for making what has indeed been a leap of faith. You seek peace for yourself, your husband, your child. You are willing and open to live life differently. You have felt led by God and you have followed. All of this is very blessed indeed.

“Yet as is so often the case when one leaps in faith, doubt follows. Your faith must continue past the point of landing. The leap took you away from everything familiar, so you do not have your usual markers for feeling confident and at peace. All is unknown to you, yet known perfectly to Me. Let this leap of faith call up an even greater faith in you. I would not encourage you to make such a leap were there not reserves of faith within you to meet it.

“This is a transition time. You and your husband are both determining anew what is important to you, what matters, what has value. Let this time unfold like a beautiful blanket that can warm and comfort you. Let it reveal the colors and patterns of its fabric to you day by day. Make no presumptions; do not rush ahead in worry. Make it your daily intention to be at peace. From a place of peace you are most powerful, while from a place of worry and fear you can do nothing that serves you. Start each day in peace and trust, and ask the day to reveal its gifts.

“You are a stranger in a strange land at this moment, but that will change. There is new ground here to gain, little by little, day by day. When the fear and uncertainty rise within you, simply breathe into the sensations and let them crest and fall away. They are just sensations; do not place your faith in them. They are not your truth.

“This is indeed your Island Time, My dear one. You will gain so much from this. It is not permanent; it is not for the rest of your life. But like a ‘rest’ in music – a pause between the notes – it will enhance the song of your life as it is played. Be as open as you can. Be willing. Give each moment to Me. When you know not what to do or where to turn, when you feel alone, pause and go within. Know I am with you and have not abandoned you. Give your aloneness and uncertainty to Me and let Me guide you to your peace.

“Ask Me in prayer what you are to do in any moment. Stay in a place of peace and I will communicate with you. This will be a time of getting to know Me better and how I guide you. Do not let worry and fear come between us. I am with you now and always. Give Me your trust and make every day another leap of faith, knowing that I hold your hand and we are making this journey together.

“Be at peace, My dear one. You are most loved and blessed.