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How Do I Break Generational Curses?

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Jessica: “I am a mother of three daughters, one of whom has cerebral palsy. I suffer from manic depressive disorder myself. I have been trying to make something of my life but because of generational curses on my family, I always fall short of my goals. The enemy attacks me with so much force that I usually lose the battle. Right now I’m close to accomplishing one of the biggest goals of my life and I feel the enemy attacking me from every angle. I know if I don’t break this curse my children will have the same struggles.”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, we would like to say to you firstly that it is the belief in generational curses that keeps them seemingly in place. In truth, the one who can set you free from this is you. Please set this belief down immediately, as you would set down something hot that is burning your hand. The only curse here is the belief that there could be something outside of you with such power as to control and curse your life. Dear one, this simply is not true.

“God made you with the gift of free will. If you could be controlled and doomed by the past, how could free will truly be free? You must believe in your own power of choice. You must see how powerful you truly are.

“Difficult circumstances and challenges such as you face may seem to say otherwise. Why do bad things seem to happen so randomly and without just cause? You seek hope in the face of your challenges, and this we understand. God desires that you reach out to Him so that you can know His great love and care. He does not create your difficulties, yet He sees your challenges and wants only that you rely on Him. You are a very strong person who feels like a fish swimming upstream, always pushing against the current, feeling as though you can never stop fighting for what you need. And yet if you could but let go, you could experience the current of God’s love carrying you.

“What you perceive as a generational curse can be lifted by the power of your own thoughts. Give the past to God. Gather up all the things that have happened throughout the generations of your family as though you are gathering up the broken pieces of something that fell and shattered on the floor. Write these things down; name them and think of every single one. Then have a ceremony, if it will help you. Put the slips of paper into a bowl and light a match to them. Pray as you do so, asking God to release you from the tyranny of all that has happened in the past, through all the generations of your family, and the fear that these things have created in you. It is this fear you are carrying, not a curse, and it is from this fear that you need to be released. Ask God to remove this fear from you.

“You are God’s holy and precious child, my dear one, as were those of all the generations of your family. Why did they face challenges and difficulties? Why did they suffer in their lives? Not because of a curse on them. All suffering comes from fear. Please trust in God your Creator, my dear one, and let go of your belief that you could ever be cursed. God only loves you and asks that you put all your faith in Him.”