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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Release the Hurt that Blocks Me?

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Abigail: “I was abused and neglected growing up, and kicked out of home as a teenager. I am now 50 and although I have a few siblings I keep in touch with, I have always been an outsider in my birth family and never accepted. Although I have tried to come to terms with this rejection, it still hurts me. I also feel a sense of aloneness that never really goes away even though I have people who love and care about me. How do I come to terms with this so I can release the hurt that blocks me from being able to be me?”

The Voice for Love: “My dear one, thank you for bringing your dear and hurting heart to Me. I love you and deeply care for you in every moment, yes, every moment of your life and experience. You have felt unloved, uncared about, for so long, yet that is not the truth of My love for you. It has always been there and always shall be. You are My beloved child, regardless of your experience in the world.

“Why, then, have you suffered? Why have you had painful experiences? Surely My love for you does not include hurting you, neglecting you, pushing you away. My dearest one, I allow your life to unfold in all its glory because it is a gift to you. If you could see from My perspective, you would be amazed. Just as one on the ground cannot see the view from the mountaintop but rather only a very small part of the whole, I see all of your life from beginning to end at once, and all the joy that is possible for you.

“I would never have allowed anything to occur that could have destroyed you or held you back from your greatest good. Know this, and see your life as I do. Full of challenges, yes, heartache most assuredly, aloneness just as you say… These things were not meant to punish you nor separate you from others; they are not cruel twists of fate. Rather, your life is like a huge jigsaw puzzle whose pieces form a beautiful picture that you cannot yet see. Choose with Me to believe that the picture is a beautiful one, complete with blessings and fulfillment, and it will come into view for you. Seeing your life as a mistake, a curse, a broken thing, only blinds you to its truth.

“You are a brave and courageous soul that came to the earth willing, so willing, to open your heart to many difficult things, and yet to find their blessings as well. Your life has felt at times like pushing a giant stone up a hill so it will not roll back and crush you. Yet you have indeed pushed it along and kept going. This in itself is an achievement. Now I would ask you to take another view, one that will release you from this exhausting task.

“See your life as a gift, My precious one. See it as a gift, for as soon as you do, it can be unwrapped and reveal to you its blessings. You will be amazed and delighted and brought to peace. Extend gratitude to every circumstance, every occurrence, every milestone. You have come so far, you have carried so much. You can set down your burdens now and say to them simply, thank you. Yes, thank the experience of rejection by your family, of being on your own at a young age, of all the moments of struggle and uncertainty. I am not asking you to judge them as good, yet I am asking you to stop judging them at all. They are your experience. Embrace all experience without judgment. It is yours. And it is Mine with you. We are in this together.

“Please do not think I give you this counsel without great love and knowing that your tender heart seeks comfort. I have your heart in My hand. You are precious to Me. I see you and know you intimately, and I assure you, there is a path out of your pain and despair. You can feel love, you can be fulfilled, you can see your life as an unopened treasure chest of blessings. If it were not so, I would not be asking that you open it now. Come, let us open it together.

“Take the time each day to sit with Me in silence and stillness. Be thankful for anything in your experience that comes to mind, whether the sunshine pouring in the window, the kind words said by a loved one, the slippers on your feet. Grow your gratitude with what is in your immediate vicinity, then gradually, over the days and weeks, widen it to include everything that has ever occurred. It may feel false at first, like dry leaves in your mind merely blowing in the wind. Yet if you are faithful in your practice, this will change. The landscape of your life will become a lush and green garden beckoning you irresistibly forward into greater and greater joy.

“You can do this, dear one. I know, because I am with you.”