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How Can We Help Our Son Through Difficult Times?

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Lynn: “My son who is in college has always been very happy, outgoing and sociable. However, he was diagnosed four years ago with Type 1 Diabetes. He has handled it very well for the most part but is moodier and inclined to bouts of depression. At the moment, he is extremely dissatisfied with all areas of his life, broke up with his girlfriend, and is questioning everything. We are very concerned about him and would like to know how we can best guide him through these difficult decisions and changes.”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, you have done a wonderful job of supporting your son for a long time in his life. Now is a beginning of a new phase for him and for you. You have prepared him well.

“Your son is one with us, regardless of his current absorption with his health challenge. It is now his choice about how to react. For a while, his thoughts focus on what he considers to be an unwanted handicap and all the possible consequences of a negative nature. This is his critical focus, and you need do nothing to interfere with his choices. Simply accept that which is part of his process and trust that it is not the end of his journey, but only an important side trip for him.

“Your part is simply to love him and compassionately support him without believing in his negative thoughts or your own thoughts of fear for him. Nor is it for you to judge his or your thoughts. Remember, he and you are one with us and because of that, he will come through this phase. When you fear for him, you reinforce his negative impulses. When you extend your own inner loving strength to your own fearful thoughts, you acknowledge a trust in what is real at all levels. That is what will help him most, both at a perceptual level and at a subconscious level of connection.

“This is a time for you to meet your greatest challenge to your love and trust, in both your son and us. Your work is the same as his, and that is to be with your loving center and to extend the love that is your deepest reality to every fear that you perceive within yourself, which includes both your own thoughts and feelings as well as those of your son. He will sense that love and it will help him to move through his challenges by connecting that love to the same love that defines his most real self.

“Time is for such healing. Translate the patience required into your own practice of extending love to your own feelings and thoughts. All of you will come through this time and be more aware of reality because of the choices you will make.

“We love and trust you and your son. Remember always that you are blessed and loved.”