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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do I Start My Life Over Again?


Lisa: “Four months shy of our fifth anniversary, my partner began cheating on me and moved out. I had recently lost my job and did not have the money to pay the rent by myself. I got left with a broken heart, post-traumatic stress, and lots of debt – my life went down like the Titanic. I moved home with my mom and now I am sleeping on her sofa and falling into a serious depression. Nothing is working out for me. I am tired of struggling and afraid that if something does not open up for me soon, I will fall into the deep end of the depression ocean and not be able to get out. It just feels like even when I put my best effort forward, God does not bless the work of my hands.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious One, firstly, know how precious you are and that We see you and know of your struggle. You are loved and valued beyond expression, and We would only want that you know this too.

“There is a saying in your world at this time, ‘when everything changes, change everything.’ This is the title for where you are right now. Everything has changed—job, relationship, home—and so you are giving yourself the instruction to change everything. It is as if you have shaken the Etch-a-Sketch, erased the board, and are ready to start fresh, to invent anew. What a grand opportunity! Do not miss the metaphor of being at home with your mother again; this is the way you are communicating to yourself that this will be a time of rebirth.

“How to begin? Painful emotions are still in residence and must be felt, acknowledged, and honored. Do not push them away, rather, hear their message. Your life would not have changed so dramatically if you were not desirous of great change. You needed this to unfold precisely as it has unfolded, and the pain is the way you will remember just how desirous you were. We honor you for this. You are a warrior and have great strength, though you may not be in touch with that strength at this moment.

“Find something in your immediate environment to which you can extend love. Even one drop of love and gratitude toward anything will be like a drop of water to your parched soul. If that one drop is extended to your mother, to a pet, or to the couch on which you sleep, does not matter so much as that you do extend that love and gratitude. Love and gratitude are your friends, your helpers, your saviors. Think of them as the angels that have arrived to rescue you from your current predicament. Love and gratitude are like wings that will lift you up and carry you to new beginnings.

“For that is where you are now, at a new beginning. One chapter of your life story has closed so that this one may open. Stop struggling and simply be where you are in this moment. Let the feelings of pain, loss and bereavement wash over you; let them crest and fall away. And then, when that process feels complete, pick up your story with a sense of adventure and begin anew. For you can begin again. Be willing to try new things, to do what you have never done, to be open to new ways of being in the world.

“We would encourage you to meditate and find that quiet space within and let Our Voice speak to you. Be not hard on yourself, rather, be forgiving and understanding and kind. You are like a weary traveler who has come in from the cold after an arduous journey. Take your rest. Rebuild your strength. What has not worked out for you yet, does not mean that nothing will ever work out for you. New endeavors will flourish ultimately; think of yourself as planting seeds. Remember to water them with those drops of love and gratitude. Remain open to possibilities. See the Universe as befriending you, not betraying you. Know that you are exactly where you need to be and are meant to be.

“You are greatly loved, dear one. You are never without Our support. Ask for help and for miracles. For as you ask, you shall receive. But between the asking and the receiving, you must trust. That is your part. See your situation differently, with trust that all is unfolding perfectly, and this will set you free.

“Blessings to you, Precious One.”