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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do I Know My True Path?

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Clare: “For a few years now, my financial situation has not been getting better. I have no work, and the company I co-partnered is not active anymore. I am far from my son because I am divorced and cannot move to be close to him. But even with these difficulties, I know I’m not alone. I keep on learning, reading, praying, talking to the angels, etc. I would like to help people, maybe to heal. How do I know my true path?”

The Voice for Love: “Greetings and blessings, dear one, we are delighted that you have asked for guidance. We wish you to know that you are in the midst of a very fruitful and exciting time of your life. The insights you are ready to receive are so much a part of your purpose for being in life. What you are learning is how to loosen up the constraints of your old perception, so that you can expand your ability to clearly see the messages that we offer you through the objects, events, and relationships of your life.

“What you will find offers a quality of infinite beauty and creativity for you to enjoy and offer naturally to others. True healing involves opening up to such vision, and is a gift you can offer to yourself, then to others. If there appears to be a major obstacle blocking your way to recognition of Spirit’s messages to you from within, we suggest a twofold approach.

“First, recognize that your thoughts of this obstacle are not concrete. They are just your mental assessment, which is incomplete and does not move beyond blockage. Like the signals of a radio broadcast, thoughts never persist on their own.

“Secondly, it is only through movement on your part that you can broaden the current limits on your perception. Yet you are unsure of what movement, what path you might pursue. We tell you that there is no path prescribed by anything outside of yourself. We wish to reassure you that no choices you make are bad, when made with intention aligned with your higher spirit, but neither can any be complete. Outcome of any choice is never known with certainty, and there is no need to know. If it helps you, remember that everything that seems to happen is but a signpost meant to gently guide you forward, and it is not an obstacle unless you so choose to use it as an obstacle.

“To effectively experience that sign’s meaning for you, take time to relax with the awareness of love within. Extend that love to your own thoughts, no matter what those thoughts say to you. Be the loving, compassionate, grateful parent of your thoughts. Show them acceptance, but do not give them the power or reverence which is not part of their nature. Only the infinite being of your own true reality has the ability to tell you your experience truly.

“You are a reality which is loved and unconditionally supported. To befriend and hear that reality more comfortably and clearly, look for those feelings of love within your heart, and credit their message to guide you and soften your judgments of yourself and your life circumstances. Credit them with the task of transforming every circumstance into recognizable guidelines and signposts. Ask your true self, and as you do this, extend that inner self to others as you join them through volunteer work and social outlets. Love grows by sharing, and with that growth comes increased openness and awareness.

“As is often said in your world, life is a journey, not a destination. You are like a hitchhiker through its dramatic story and there is no need to know a particular outcome ahead of time, as foreknowledge can present a delay to those who are yet to open to a more complete vision. However, all experiences are available to vision, and you will learn to experience with vision.

“Blessings to you. Know that you are safe on your journey, and oh, so dear and treasured!”