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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do I Know God Is Listening When I Pray?

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Philomena: “When I pray I feel peace in my heart. How do I know if God is listening to me? Is it by the peace I feel in my heart? Or am I missing something?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, God is always listening to all His children. You cannot be an exception. The real question is, are you listening to God? Do you hear Him in your heart? Do you recognize His presence and answers through all things in you life?

“Prayer is a form of realizing a connection with God. Do you use your prayers to ask God to manipulate your world in a manner likeable to your ego? Your ego is that part of your persona that focuses on the world’s circumstances while simultaneously blocking the awareness of Love’s presence. Do you listen to your ego rather than to that part of yourself that is real and knows and feels God’s constant presence within?

“The peace you feel when you pray is a form of hearing. It is part of an interactive communication with God. Lack of peace in prayer is a sign that one is not hearing God’s answer. Your true self is love. Meet God in your hearing and allow His emissary of communication, the Holy Spirit, to show you how the Spirit of Love can be perceived through the vision guided by Spirit, a vision you can also learn to use all day, every day.

“You are doing fine in your prayer practice. We are always with you. As you pray, say what is in your mind. Share it with God. Then be still and listen within. The answer is always there in your heart. You can recognize it immediately, or through signs that remind you of peace, gratitude, compassion, or any attribute of unconditional Love. Simply accept and extend love to all other thoughts and feelings.

“Know that your reality as an extension of God’s Love, never changes. Allow yourself the kind of awareness that can feel that love and use that state of mind and heart to guide your perceptions, your thoughts, words, and deeds. When you are consistent in such a commitment to coordinate your thoughts, words, and deeds with Holy Spirit, God’s answer is consistently delivered through you into your world and your ongoing awareness.

“Know that you are loved and you are Love. You are safe and your living reality as love is unchangeable by anyone or anything. We are in gratitude for you and all that you do, and will do, to contribute to your unfolding awareness of peace for yourself and all others.”