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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Move from Resistance to Acceptance?

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Kenneth: “I have started a new job where I have gone from having a lot of privacy to sitting out in the open with several other people and zero privacy. This feels very uncomfortable and I have been depressed about it and feeling like I made a mistake, even though I had prayed and felt led to take this position. I know there is an opportunity here but I cannot see it or accept it right now. I want to trust that God put me where I need to be, but I am resisting it. How can I see this situation differently and come to see it from a place of peace and love?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, first we want to assure you that you are safe and loved, no matter which decisions you make in life. Look upon this new situation as an opportunity for learning. While your personal style is for privacy and quiet, you also have the ability to enhance your talent to focus on the task at hand.

“We suggest that you seek out a place at your new location, where you can be alone for ten to fifteen minutes twice a day. That place can be removed from your workplace if no room is available there. You can be in your car, another building, outside or in a bathroom. During your private time, develop your ability to simply BE with love; to become aware of the presence of love that you are, within; to quiet your mind and to extend love to any and all thoughts that you observe as you learn to be the observer of your thoughts. This is best done with closed eyes. Patience with yourself will be required as you practice, but the time spent with the loving goodness that you are within, allowing yourself to feel that reality of yourself, which we share with you, will prove helpful to you in all aspects of your life.

“Your new situation requires that you block out the presence of others as you work, which is a challenge. The other aspect of such a challenge involves the need to work and socialize with these others. When noise from others interrupts your focus on your work, stop for a moment and remind yourself that these others are also love in their core reality, and practice extending love to your thoughts of them and the disturbance that interrupts your focus. Such practice is an extension of what you practice during your quiet time.

“Find time during the day to get to know these others, outside of the work space. They are one with you, in your eternal reality. They too have been faced with issues similar to your own and are your brothers and sisters, both in the workplace and in life, temporary and eternal. Your peace will be their peace, when you can live that peace.

“The seeming conflicting demands of your current situation will guide you to a deeper awareness of your own abilities and nature, if you use this situation to enhance your personal ability to feel and extend the love that you are to your thoughts, feelings, and judgments of everything in your life. Remember always that we hold your hand in this process and trust you always, even when you forget to trust yourself. You are covered in the safety of the blanket of love surrounding you.

“Blessings to you, who are a blessing.”