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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Make My Outlook More Positive?

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Laura: “I studied A Course in Miracles about 10 years ago and it gave me peace and I liked my spiritual outlook. I’d like to change my outlook from negativity and fear and treat others with kindness.”

The Voice for Love: “Dear Beloved One, thank you for presenting your precious heart and mind for healing and fulfillment. You have stated the most important words by saying ‘I want to.’ Whatever you want to do, you can do. You want to shed fear and negativity. You want to be kind to others. These are wonderful desires to hold.

“To be kind to others is such an easy thing to do, if one can remember at all times that one is part of all others – in truth, there are no ‘others’ because truly All is a Oneness. To extend kindness to others, then, is merely to be gentle with one’s self. To extend kindness to others greatly enriches not only one’s own experience, but also the experience of those others who are blessed by your kind treatment. This can be as simple as exchanging a smile with a stranger. You have no idea how powerful your smiles are, and how that token of love is multiplied and shared and extended. It is truly beyond your imagination what one simple smile can do.

“To live without fear and negativity is the goal of life. To find in your heart the love of God and to claim that love as your own and your birthright and your gift is the most wonderful thing you can do for yourself. Whether it is through the Course in Miracles or any other path that leads you to the wonder and wholeness of your true self, as long as you hold a goal of living fearlessly, you will be led to all that will serve you.

“As you notice fears arise, it is a simple matter (if you are dedicated and can remember) to turn those fears over to God/Spirit for resolution. To have perfect faith in peaceful outcomes means that you perfectly trust God in all things. Turn within and find that space in your heart where you can feel the love of God. There, fear and negativity cannot enter. There in that God-heart space, there is only love, forgiveness, gentleness, kindness, faith, joy and true fulfillment. Make it your practice to find that space and dwell there as much as possible, no matter what you are doing in the physical world. The feelings of peace, kindness, joy and faith you enjoy there will be your constant companions and you will gift these feelings to the world as you go about your day.

“Bless you, Dear One. You will blossom and your life will become sweeter and sweeter as you faithfully follow your desire for peace of mind and a joyful outlook.”