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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Love My Work?

Ginger: “I used to absolutely love my work. I felt the ‘pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-something-I-love-this-much’ feeling. But the company has been bought and sold a couple of times along the way and now it’s someplace so unfamiliar to me that I wonder how I ever ended up being a match to these people, in this place as it has become, doing the work as we’ve come to do it. I am eager to have good work summoned out of me again. To stay seems unbearable; to go look at job ads seems misaligned. So where am I at? What is being refined in me at this time? Where does true help come from?”

The Voice for Love: “Most precious child, let us give thanks for this perfect moment of awareness. You are noticing the feelings you are experiencing are indeed different that earlier in your career. This is not unusual. You have learned much where you are. You have been both challenged and broadened. And now you are experiencing a closed-in feeling. How perfect. You have gone as far as you could see and now you wish to see further.

“Thank you for asking for guidance in this seeing. This is the perfect time to sit quietly and give thanks for where you are and for where you may be going. All things change in this world; it is only when we do not like the change that we begin to notice that all things do indeed change. This is the time we begin to raise our awareness to desiring something that does not change. You are asking for a connection to that which does not change. In order to see your next step, it is time to take hold of exactly where you are, exactly who you are.

“You are the child of God. Thus you are imbued with all the characteristics of God. God is Love. You are Love. You are actually made of Love, you are capable of love, you are designed to love and be loved in return. This is a system that does not change. The form may alter but the substance of Love alters not. Now that your first love of your work seems impossible to remember, take time to align yourself with the truth that resides in your heart. Trust this truth.

“Each morning, allow yourself to sit quietly and notice your thoughts. Are they thoughts of dread for work? Are they thoughts of joy for the weather? Are they thoughts of discomfort? Headache? Sounds from traffic? All these thoughts are present and you can sit quietly and bless them. That is all, bless your thoughts. In this way you both acknowledge your thoughts and accept their existence. In blessing your thoughts you create a relationship of oneness and not conflict.

“It is in this space of acceptance and quiet (for your thoughts will indeed quiet upon blessing) that you will be able to ask for guidance in your day. You may ask for guidance in your life. Ask what you can do today to take a step toward the work you feel that you want to do. Your real work is noticing what a precious, complete person you are. You have everything you need in this moment to experience ‘Pinch me, I AM LOVE!’ every day.

“Love cannot fail you. Follow the love and the joy you feel. You already know what you desire to do in regard to your work. Give yourself permission to do this thing. Let your willingness guide you. Check in daily with your own heart to see if your steps are resonating. Give thanks for the day and notice your own happiness. Notice where it leads you. Dearest one, you will be most happy when you are allowing your own self to BE your Self. Be truthful with yourself and your Self will guide you into the best expression of yourself that there can be.

“Be love, My child. This is the truth about you.”