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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Improve My Life?

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Rose: “For the past 25 years my life has gotten worse every year: financially, career-wise, even with friends and family relationships. What must I learn or do to change and improve my life? I am 52 and want to be happy and financially secure.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest one, though your view of your life sees it as a downhill slide right now, we see you as ascending in wisdom and understanding. You are learning to let go of your belief in your ego’s way of planning, and to trust that which goes beyond the best of your ego’s plans.

“We cannot help your ego, as its purpose is to prove that happiness can exist through its plans alone. You have witnessed its repeated failures. Recognition is a significant advance in learning for you. Open up to your heart, your inner wisdom, and embrace your true calling, which has always been to express the beauty and love of your deepest reality in a manner that will bless all those you touch.

“Your core can express efficiently in many ways. Your choice of how to express it must be made from your awareness of your reality with us, rather than from fear. Happiness only comes and stays where one is committed to making all decisions with the Spirit of Love within, rather than from fear. Wisdom is the light that shows the way, and your awareness of your inner wisdom takes constant practice and committed time.

“During this dedicated time, we ask you to focus on feeling your own reality rather than attempting to find answers for your ego. True guidance follows from true awareness. This is your journey and we see it as fulfilling to you once you are able to look upon it as a whole. Trust it, trust your true self to know. Open your sensitivity to its nuances.

“Know that all blindness to one’s own reality is temporary. Vision comes from letting go of old ways of engulfing one’s self in one’s thoughts and opening up to the unknowns of constant love from within, as one extends that love to one’s own thoughts and then to all others.

“Blessings to you. Know you are loved.”