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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How To Feel God More Deeply

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Sharon: “For the last few years, I have most willingly, earnestly and happily devoted all my free time to spiritual study. I’ve found, however, that even after so many teaching programs I still feel far away from my goal: I want to connect with the Divinity within to heal myself, my family, and humanity. Sometimes I feel disoriented and sad. My burning question is, how can I feel God-Spirit-Soul more deeply?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Beloved Soul, thank you so much for presenting your dear heart and mind to Spirit. You are so open, so very open.

“There is nothing very complicated that you have to do to connect with the Divine. In fact, humans have to use effort to disconnect, because in truth, you are all always connected to God. God is that inmost part of your own dear heart–that inner, deep, breath of gratitude. The Divine is nearer than your breath – it is yourself. Your Self. There is nothing you have to do to be with It except just to Be With It.

“You have studied, you have searched, you have undertaken a quest, have you not? And now after your long journey, you find yourself once again with yourself. All that you have learned, Beloved, all that you have taken into your being as the truth of your Being is all that you always have been. In truth, there was never a need to search for Me outside yourself. However, it is very good that you have sought and that you have found. You have also found that you have not been satisfied by what you have found.

“Begin now to search only within. In quietude, seek for Me within your own heart. Simply take five minutes (to start) and sit in quiet gratitude. Breathe Me into your heart and simply rest in my Love. Do this as often as possible. Do not take this practice lightly. In it lies your perfect peace. Gradually, you will increase the time spent in this practice and you will find yourself longing to be in this love space with Me.

“More and more you will begin to carry Me with you wherever you are. You will gradually begin to more easily receive My messages. They may come as a subtle feeling, or an inner sense of knowingness and comfort. They may come in exact words, or even through another’s words. You will begin to recognize My messages because of their nature. They will be simple, loving and pure. Some of them will be blatantly obvious and others will be thoughts you have never entertained before.

“Your desire for healing – for yourself, your family and your world – is all that is needed. Intent is everything, Beloved. Intent, desire, dedication, devotion – these will not fail you!

“Practice My presence within. Notice Me in your fellow man. Notice My hand in the world. See My wonders. Appreciate my children. Open to My movement in and through all Creation. That Creation includes you. I am in your heart to stay. As you accept Me in your heart, you will blossom. You will allow your sweet and loving self to come forward, knowing that it is indeed only I who blossom through you.

“Thank you for your devotion. Know that God answers prayer. Go into your heart space and there make your desires known. God expresses through you to the extent that you are open, allowing and unafraid. I am ever here. I am as close as your heartbeat. Fall into my arms.”