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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Extend Love Despite Distractions?

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Randy: “How can you keep extending Love when there is so much going on all the time to distract you? The children are upsetting… thoughts of doubt and depression keep arriving… and a myriad of other things float in and out of your awareness. How can you stay focused and on course?”

The Voice for Love:
“Dear One, thank you for asking this almost universal question.

“It is indeed difficult to focus on more than one thing at a time. The ability to focus on things of the world while still trusting the presence of the Love of God within you can only be done by one who has made the commitment and effort to become aware of that divine presence within and learned to trust it. Armed with such awareness, one can venture into the world of sorrow and chaos, just as one would take survival gear into the wilderness.

“No one on the world’s stage becomes masterful at anything without practice. You do not need to become the master of who you really are, for who you really are is the extension of God’s Love as His child. But you do need to experience awareness of who you are. It takes practice to allow yourself to become aware of your inner goodness and love. It also takes practice to be with that state of awareness, practice to listen to it, practice to develop a relationship with it that involves questions and answers, and practice to recognize the deep intrinsic value of its answers.

“You have spent a lifetime of practice, learning how to master control of your outer environment. You have spent a lifetime of failing at the kind of control you think you need to be happy. And you have spent a lifetime trying to improve your outer character, trying to compel others to improve their outer character, and chastising yourself for your failures. Your desires now require a different type of practice.

“Imagine what you could do with your own feelings of love if you were to really commit, as athletes do, to pay attention to the tiny moments of recognition of Love, the many opportunities to be grateful for all the beauty within you, as well as without! Practice as a star athlete would practice. Commit to recognition of all the transitory moments of awareness of your own inner compassion, gratitude, generosity, forgiveness, kindness, etc. Get to know your true character so that you can allow yourself time to be with that character each day, exclusively, until you learn to trust its constant presence in your life.

“In your practice time, seclude yourself for at least 10 minutes a day, preferably upon awakening. Step back from all your thoughts, which are perceptual judgments you once trained yourself to experience. Be the observer of your thoughts. Allow yourself to feel the truth of who you really are, and allow that truth to simply look upon any and all thoughts with love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, or any other aspect of love that it calls forth to your awareness. Love does not judge thoughts. Love just extends from itself. Be the parent of your thoughts. They are your creations. Show them compassion, without the need to disapprove of them or approve of them. Allow your true self to just do what it does.

“Practice and your skills will grow, so that you can be in the world with all its thoughts of apparent injustice and chaos, yet still feel your truth in peace, at will. This is what it means to be in the world, but not of it, and that is what you seek.”