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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Can I Best Help My Dying Father?


Kelly: “My dad who has cancer is getting ready to say goodbye to me and my sisters. Seven years ago when my mother passed away, my work and family commitments did not allow me to be with her in her last days, which I regret. This time I promised myself I would not let anything keep me away from what really matters to me. I quit my part-time job and took my family and traveled many miles to be with my dad. He is very poorly, knows that doctors cannot help him, and is taking many drugs for pain. What should I do, feel, say and think around my dad now? He always lived from his head, never really feeling himself, his wife or us children. How can I help my dad in the highest possible way, leaving the ego behind?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, you have given a great gift to your father in coming to his side at this time. The purity of your intention has been seen and there is more appreciation and gratitude for this than you could ever know.

“How may you help your father in his time of transition? This is a beautiful question and one which bespeaks of great love. You are a loving presence there, now, right where you are and in what you are doing. Your very desire to be of loving service is itself a great gift and supreme aid.

“Think of yourself as a channel for love, a vessel pouring over your father all the love he ever resisted in his own life. You are already gentle, kind and caring. Merely find expressions of these things that you are. Be as tender and attentive as you would be with a newborn baby; give that same gentleness and lovingkindness. And just as you have no expectations of an infant but see only its innocence and need, so too see your father in this way now.

“See only his innocence. See him with eyes of love, compassion and understanding, no matter what the life he lived. That he could not be as loving toward his family as was wanted, could never have been his true heart’s desire. The heart wants to love; the heart longs to love. When someone does not express love in their life, it is not because they do not have love, but only that they cannot access the love within themselves.

“Please give your father now the love you did not feel you received from him. This is in fact what you are doing with your presence. Give to him what he could not give to you. Show him that he did not keep you from the love that you are. Show him, by loving him, his innocence. Do not be guided by his seeming lack of love or lack of response to your love. Be guided by the love within you.

“Please do not be deterred in this by any lack of acknowledgment of your giving. Know that all of heaven sees your yearning and most assuredly will lift you up and guide and help you. Be steadfast in your resolve to love. There is no greater purpose or gift than this. With your love you create a wide open space for your father to fall into and pass through. This is indeed what you can give him now: forgiveness and innocence and peace.

“Thank you, Precious One, for extending yourself in this way. You are greatly loved. Let this time of your father’s passing be a sacred space and it will bless you both.”