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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Hearing the Voice for God

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Could you use some NEW tools to help you re-discover your Divine Nature?
Imagine how it would feel to be engulfed in unconditional Love?
What would it feel like communicating with your Creator?

In these uncertain times, how comforting would having direct access to universal TRUTH be?

Do you desire to have the experience of peace in the midst of world change? Yes, it is possible to not only experience peace, but to actively cultivate a peaceful mind-set regardless of the events unfolding around you. It is true, our world is changing and for many this means traversing unknown territory. Many of the world’s inhabitants perceive change as unsettling, even fearful, but rest assured, there is a loving answer to all of life’s so-called problems.

Imagine you have always had the ability to carry on a conversation with Source, but you simply forgot how to begin your daily dialogue.

What would it be worth to remember your True Nature and be able to carry on a “real” conversation with the Divine Mind?

Russell Hill, author of The God Manifesto, and Rev. Lynn Kirk have just offered a FREE preview call sharing an opportunity to participate in an extraordinary program that will teach you exactly how you can learn to hear the Voice for God, access your own Inner Wisdom and communicate directly with the Universal Consciousness we call LOVE. You can access the replay of their live call by following the link in this post.

During the course of their Certification Program, you will learn a simple, yet very powerful and effective 5-Step Process for Hearing the Voice of God as a clear, recognizable voice. You will learn to receive Divine guidance anytime you desire peace, understanding, healing, and inspiration in your life.

Listen to the replay of their FREE preview call


Do you desire to build a stronger, deeper relationship with Source?

During the preview call Russell and Lynn shared what it means to hear the Voice for God and the power of the 5-Step Process.

Imagine for a moment having the ability to communicate directly with God. History is filled with stories of people who have done just that. Imagine how you would feel if you could receive an answer to any question your heart desired. What would it be worth if you never had to look outside of yourself ever again for answers, but knew with absolute certainty you could receive relevant Divine Guidance?

Don’t delay. Listen to the replay of their FREE preview Call!

They have opened up registration for both their 8-Week Hearing the Voice for God teleclass and their 6-Month Certification Program. This is an important step for all who choose to be aware of their Oneness with Source. Be sure to register today.