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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Guidance on Hearing the Holy Spirit


Tim: “I have been trying to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and I almost think that I’m not good enough to hear Him. I know He is always speaking but I can’t seem to hear Him. Also, I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit but my life seems to be powerless. When I pray for others to get healed, nothing seems to happen.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious Heart, thank you for seeking to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit. It is your own true voice, and this is the first thing you must know. You have listened to an alien voice all of your life, as do all who come to the earth plane. You have listened to and given regard to a voice of judgment, criticism, negativity, fear, and pain. Yet these thoughts have seemed real to you and you have received and given them a home within you.

“Of course it is initially difficult to recognize and hear your own true voice – the voice of the Holy Spirit within you – after a lifetime of giving your attention and awareness to the voice of ego, which is the voice of fear and separation. Do not be discouraged. Anything done for so long will take time to undo. You must be persistent in your attention; we will help you.

“Know this very simple truth: any thought of love is the voice of the Holy Spirit. Any thought of kindness is the voice of the Holy Spirit. Any thought of compassion, understanding, generosity, willingness, praise, is the voice of the Holy Spirit. It is not that you do not have these thoughts within you, it is that you do not hear them because ‘the ego speaks first and speaks loudest.’ That voice has convinced you that its thoughts are your true thoughts. But that is only because ego is the expression of fear – the fear that you are separate from God, your Creator.

“Dear one, the truth that saves is the knowing that you have never been separate from God, not ever, not for one moment. You are God’s holy child, precious and loved and adored at all times. Fear would say otherwise, and does. And that is the voice you most often hear and listen to and believe. Now that you have become aware of this, you can choose to hear differently.

“Whenever you become aware of a fearful thought – one of anger, attack, judgment, hopelessness, discouragement, pain – stop and be still. Allow yourself to become aware of it. Name it for what is: This is a thought of fear. See it as you see a cloud in the sky and simply let it pass. Do not add to its power by judging or condemning or attacking it; simply let it go by. ‘Ah,’ you say, ‘there is a thought of fear passing through my awareness.’ That is all.

“Now breathe deeply and continue your moment of stillness. Wait. Ask Holy Spirit now to speak to you. You have created the space and the silence and the stillness to hear the voice of love, nonjudgment, and power. You are the one who must create the space by choosing to let go of, to not attach to, thoughts of fear and judgment. That is your point of action and choice – to let the clouds of judgment and fear go by and then in willingness and openness ask to hear Holy Spirit. Perhaps another cloud will appear first. Dear one, do not be discouraged. Remember how invested you have been in those clouds for so long and accepted them as reality. Please be as persistent in your desire and intention to hear Holy Spirit as is necessary. Match the persistence of those fear thoughts with your persistence in desiring to hear Holy Spirit, and you will.

“The voice of the Holy Spirit is not something outside of you, it is within. It is your own heart, dear one, your true Self. It is your connection to God, your inner GPS, given by God the moment you stepped into this experience of living on earth in human form. Love is your true nature, dear one; love is Who You Are. It is the ‘other’ voice that is not your own, the voice of fear and judgment and pain. You have an inner music and you are learning to tune into it.

“As to why your prayers for the healing of others seem to have no power, again, please do not be discouraged by what seems to happen around you. Begin with the healing of your own mind before you attend to the healing of others. Start with you; this is where true power lies.

“Thank you for your willingness, dear one. And know that all of heaven waits upon your choice.”