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Hearing God’s Voice With Our Ears

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One of the most popular questions that people ask is, “What does God’s Voice sound like?”

I recently ran across this Q&A on Yahoo, and like the question and the answers. It shares:

Does god’s voice reach you through your ears? Or does it go straight to your brain?

The answers were funny and truthful:

Answer 1: It’s not something that reaches you physically. It’s more of a quiet, assured knowing.

Answer 2: The word spoken by God does not bring THE TRUTH (Reality) but simply washes away illusion. THE TRUTH is not becoming THE TRUTH but already is THE TRUTH.

Answer 3: Neither, it goes straight into our heart.

Answer 4: I don’t hear voices, if you do seek help.

What’s my answer? All of the above and more.

We can hear God’s voice in countless different ways, truly unlimited. Yes, God’s communications to us directly speak to our hearts and minds. Our physical ears are not necessary to hear God’s voice.

The communication can come as a feeling, unknowingness, a conviction within us. It can come as a stream of thoughts, an emotion, an idea, a chunk of thoughts all at once, a vision or picture within our imaginations, a sign, symbols, and so many other ways.

It can also come in writing and through other people. When other people write or speak God’s communications, they don’t always need to be aware of what they’re doing. They are simply being a channel for God’s loving voice in a moment. Sometimes they are aware of it, and sometimes they aren’t.

If one were to share God’s voice with you, in that moment, you would in fact be hearing God’s voice with your physical ears. You would also be hearing it with your heart and mind, but in that moment, God’s voice is being made manifest in the world through another. This can happen in movies, TV, radio, songs, and in any other verbal way. This is in fact what we practice on our counseling hotline. We practice sharing God’s Voice with others out loud so they can hear God’s communications to them in a very clear way.

Every single way that we are able to perceive as human beings is a method that God can use to communicate to us. There are no limits.