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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Hearing God’s Voice in Hard Times


Several months ago I was struggling with my job which was not working out at all and was a source of great stress, especially since I had picked up and left everything and everyone I knew to move 2,000 miles away. Since I was under contract, there was no way I could leave without paying a large penalty. Plus there were family issues I was dealing with, as is often the case, and I had some worries about my adult son whose girlfriend had just broken up with him. Despite these problems, I still wanted to be able to tune into that clear channel of Love, the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

I do some meditation daily, usually early in the morning, after I have prepared for going to work and before I get into the car. This time is sacred to me and I look forward to the quietness, both outside and inside me in the early morning. But there are times I find I am upset about something and no matter how much I want to be calm, I can’t seem to get there. When we are in a place of emotional upset it is sometimes hard to hear the Voice for Love. And so in meditation I asked: How do I hear the Voice for God even if I am upset?

After I received the answer, I realized it was not just for me. And so I share it here in hope that it can be of help to anyone who is upset or in despair:

The Voice for Love: “It seems true that when you are in a strong negative emotional state, you may feel cut off from God’s voice or even from God’s love. When this is the case you may feel that you need God the most, but that He is not there at all.

“God is always there, behind the door you have closed, you just have to open it. God is always ready with love and guidance.

“When you are in despair, think, What would God do now? When you are in despair ask, What should I do now? When you are in despair and desperation ask, Is this the true me who feels this way, or is this some other form of me who is at the fore right now?

“Keep questioning until you give up thinking your own thoughts, for your own thoughts are not necessary.

“So ask the question, What am I to do now? and listen for the first answer that comes, without judgment. The answer can be as simple as ‘Just keep going.’ It will always be a positive answer.

“Any negative answer like, ‘I am weary of living, I do not want to be here any more,’ is not coming from God. It comes from the ego, the habituated mind, not from the right mind, the mind of God.

God reaches out to you at every instant that you turn toward Him but you often are turned away. Just by stopping and asking What should I do now?, you will get your answer. It will always work and pull you out of the depths of your emotion and into the help and comfort you seek.

“God always loves you. And within yourself you always love yourself, no matter what you think you may have done or not done, and no matter what you feel. And this love is always all right.”