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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Healing My Inner Child

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Linda: “I am writing concerning my inner child and the healing she needs very much. My background growing up was very abusive. My father did drugs and my mother physically and verbally abused me. I also got beat up by my brother. I have always been a very sensitive person who had anxiety and panic attacks, and now I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. How can I overcome these problems and start my life over fresh without these nightmare memories trying to take hold of me? I have a 4-year-old son now and I truly want to live life for him.”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, you have already given yourself the greatest answer: you have born a child. This child you have given birth to is your practice in healing the thoughts you have swirling and vibrating around you. As you tend most gently to this child, you give yourself gentleness. As you listen to this child, you will hear your own heart. As you nurture and feed and guide this dear child, you will be doing this for yourself. You see, dear one, there is only Love that is fully present. In those that you do not see love present, they have just forgotten that love is available at all times.

“Give yourself the gift of really watching your child. See what he does; what does he see? What does he notice? What does he want? It is your job at this time to provide a framework for him to live in. You provide his food and clothing. You provide his entertainment, his education of language and play. But most importantly you will teach him how to love himself. For even as you did not feel love from your family during the terrible times of fear, you will be able to learn to love yourself right alongside your boy.

“Give yourself time each day, in the morning preferably, to sit quietly and ask yourself, what does my boy need from me today? Do not let his parenting happen accidentally. Be the parent you hoped to have. Listen, love, enjoy, and give great thanks. Every day give great thanks for this child. He is a gift. A gift you gave yourself in order for you to learn that love is the greatest healer. As you love your son, you will grow in willingness to love yourself. As you love yourself, you will be willing to love those who have harmed you in the past. Be willing to be guided by your heart of hearts. Keep your son in love and safety. You are both children of God, capable of loving, forgiving, learning and enjoying your beautiful selves. As you see your son, so God sees you: perfect, innocent, beloved.

“Dear one, you need not fix your past, rather, you need to allow the truth of who you are to seep into your awareness right now. Your joy in the life of your son will bubble over into your own awareness. Let this love you have for him prime the pump for you to allow the truth of your own being of love to shine forth. You are precious, strong and willing. You have everything you need to know what to do next. Ask each day for guidance and blessing, and your healing will be completed before your very eyes. There is nothing really to heal but your own perception of your beautiful self.

“Thank you again, precious child, for your great and beautiful willingness to trust love.”