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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

When Happiness and Success Elude You


Ellen: “I am currently facing a lot of difficulties in my life. I was in an accident and then I lost my job. I feel that I am not succeeding in my life and every time I try to do something it goes all wrong. Will I ever be able to be happy with my life and successful in my career? I have suffered a lot from the time I was born; sometimes I even wish I was dead.”

The Voice for Love: “My dearest one, please do not judge yourself so harshly, nor even at all. I do not judge you; I do not see you the way you see yourself. What you call an unsuccessful life is not the way I measure success. In fact, I do not measure you by any yardstick other than Love. In My eyes, you are My dearly beloved child in whom I am always and forever well-pleased. I do not see you as struggling and failing. I see your struggles and I see your pain and I love you completely in every single moment.

“Thoughts of wanting to end your life as a way to end your pain are understandable when one has carried much pain from a young age. The pain gets heavier with the years and harder and harder to bear. Like a stone you are carrying on your back, it threatens to crush you. You want to give in to the weight of it, to stop the struggle of carrying it along. I say to you, My dear one, set it down. Simply set it down and let us consider it together. Take My hand and let us together be with your pain.

“Imagine this huge stone you have been carrying so long. It is now on the side of the road, large, heavy, craggy, blocking the horizon. We are sitting together in the grass, being with this stone you have carried so long. We do not need to judge it, nor hate it, nor bemoan it. Instead, let us extend love to it together. The pain of your life that you have been carrying for so long seeks only to be loved, blessed, healed. All things seek love. And you are the only one who can extend love to your pain and your experience. It is in your power to heal your pain; I can help you.

“Please take time each morning to sit in quiet meditation. This need not be overwhelming or burdensome; even a few minutes will do. Allow the pain you have carried to come into your awareness and then hold it, simply hold it as you would a newborn babe. If tears arise, let them do their cleansing work. If emotions such as anger or sorrow come, let them rise up as waves that crest and fall away. Resist nothing. Be an open vessel to your own experience. For just these few minutes and as you are able, let your pain come into your complete and loving awareness. Do not judge it or resist it. In this way you can begin slowly and surely to heal. In this way the stone will begin to erode and crumble and fall away.

“The circumstances of your life will become more friendly and welcoming to you as you become more friendly and welcoming to your own dear Self. Do not judge your life or your Self as a failure. Do not judge your life at all. Simply welcome and befriend it as it is. Nothing grows from judgment. Nothing thrives on judgment. Nothing can come to sweet fruition under the dark cloud of judgment.

“Finally, My dear one, know that accidents are not accidental. All that happens in your life is for you, not against you. See this accident as having happened to alter the course of your life, and see that altering as a great gift. See it that way so it can reveal its blessings. All is in divine right order at all times. Please trust this and do not worry. Extend love to your life. Lovingly allow your life to unfold and be all that it is meant to be for you, and know that you are greatly loved.”