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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Happiness Quotations


Happiness QuotationsI have some inspiring happiness quotations to share with you today. These quotations are from a new book by Erica Nelson entitled “Happiness Quotations.” Below are two happiness quotations from the book and some steps from Erica that you can take right now to experience more happiness in your daily life:

Happiness Quotations Passage # 29

Catch the Wave
Your attitude is contagious. Are you catching the wave of happiness, or a wave of something else? Notice the waves you catch, and choose happiness when it feels right.

As you express emotions, this is contagious. When you feel uplifted, others will feel that way around you. When you are down, others will shift down into your depression to be in harmony with you.

As one person does an unkind act, others feel unkind towards that person. The wave becomes an undertow.
See if you can start a wave of joyous, encouraging, friendly and kind feelings today.

As you become aware that all of your thoughts and feelings are obvious to everyone around you, even those you try to hide or snuff down into the recesses of your being, it’s both a gift and a responsibility. You can change people by feeling good, and you can change people by feeling bad.

The closer you stand to the light, the closer others will be able to stand in the light. Catch and create good waves today.

Happiness Quotations Passage #107

No More Hurt Feelings

When you step deeply into happiness, your feelings don’t get hurt anymore. What freedom!
Hurt feelings are ego. Love is deeper than that. Love is bigger than that. Happiness is more than that. Happiness is a huge umbrella, underneath which peace, love and kindness rule.

When you notice hurt feelings, recognize ego immediately and let them go. It is almost never really about you. If it is about you, it is about the ego of you and not the spirit, soul and heart of you.

Let go of all hurt feelings from beginning to end. Go back through your life and forgive every instance where your feelings were hurt. Recognize every instance as ego rearing its ugly dragon face. Love that dragon and it becomes a tame puppy. No more fire. No more power to hurt you.

What a relief!

(Happiness Quotations excerpts printed with express permission from Author Erica M Nelson, copyrighted material March 2011. May re-print with permission.)

About The Book

Happiness Quotations” contains 126 Happiness Quotations with accompanying deeper passages, including:

  • Reach for Gold
  • Be Inspired
  • Small Loving Action
  • Remember Your Preciousness
  • In Wonder
  • Challenge Yourself

Erica Nelson says, “Happiness will meet you where you are. Here are steps you can take right now to experience more happiness every day:

“First, recognize the difference between ego mind and the bigger consciousness that connects us all. Ego mind is characterized generally as small, mean or self-conscious or unkind. An ego-driven thought might be something like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘that will never work’ or “I look terrible today.”

“Secondly, bigger thoughts feel good and connect you to everyone on the planet. Bigger thoughts are kind, stem from love, and feel happy. You feel happy when you feel connected to this feeling of ‘all that is.’ When you feel and experience awe in your life, you go back into that sense of wonder you felt as a child. This is good for your happiness thermometer.”

After the 126 happiness quotations in the book, “Happiness Quotations” wraps up with “Five Steps to Happiness,” a series of daily practices you can take on to feel better about your life, every day.

The book has received a number of wonderful testimonials so far, including one from Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason: “Erica Nelson’s Happiness Quotations is a great book to leave right by your bed. Read one happiness quote when you wake up and another before you go to sleep. A wonderful way to start and to end your day.”

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A student of the Voice for Love certification program, Erica lives in California with her family. For a free download of several passages from the book on MP3 audio, go to