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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

When the One You Want Does Not Want You

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Eric: “I became friends with a girl last summer and developed feelings for her, though I kept them to myself. In the fall she went off to college. I missed her so much that I decided to go visit her unannounced. She seemed to like the surprise and I told her I care for her a whole lot and want to get to know her better. I thought everything was great, but when I got home I received a note from her that she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. Maybe I scared her with my visit, but I wanted to show my feelings rather than just say them. Now it seems my intentions were misinterpreted. I still think of this girl every second of every day. I want to communicate with her and get to know her and it’s killing me that I cannot. Should I reach out to her again?”

The Voice for Love: “Holy Precious Child, We are so proud you are willing to be open about such deep feelings. This is a powerful intention you have of sharing and being open. You are experiencing hurt because you can only see one solution to the way you are feeling. The truth is there are many ways this powerful feeling can be used.

“Allow yourself some time and space to sit quietly and be with your own thoughts and feelings. Sit quietly and simply notice all of the thoughts and feelings you are having: ‘She is pretty. She is my heart. I am lonely. Did I scare her? Should I contact her?’ You may feel pressure in your chest or a tightness in your eyes. You may feel hot and empty or cold and heavy. Just notice exactly what you are feeling. Notice what is in your awareness. In allowing yourself this gift of noticing, you are beginning to see that you are not what is in your awareness. You are the one doing the noticing.

“All these things that are in your awareness we will call thoughts. These thoughts are neither good or bad. They are simply present. You derive your experience from how you choose to relate to these thoughts that come into your awareness. If you are afraid, you feel anguish and regret. If you have a great desire to control your thoughts, you will experience tension and even pain. In simply noticing your thoughts you are allowing yourself to relate to them in a new way. You are relating to them with your true self. Your true self is pure, innocent, holy, loving. Your true self is allowing, open, gentle. When you are quiet and sit in allowing and noticing, you are practicing relating to your thoughts in love rather than fear.

“You have taken a huge step in willingness to have such deep feelings for another, to want to share your self and to want to know her. Now is the time to stop and realize that all is in the hands of truth and innocence. The one you have expressed feelings of love for has asked you not to contact her. This is a perfect thought to hear and just for a moment to simply allow it to be as it is. She has made a simple request. Allow the truth of this request to settle upon you as a light new snow. You need do nothing.

“Dearest one, you have the opportunity to give great respect, which is another name for love, to this thought. Allow it to be. Allow your own pain to be. Allow not-knowing-what-will-happen-next to be. Sit quietly and listen to your heart. Your heart is a respecter of persons, your heart is a respecter of your own self. Your heart is your inner guide. You do not know your heart just yet. You are beginning to know your own heart. Give yourself time to spend time with your own heart, give yourself time to trust your own heart. Give yourself the opportunity to love your own heart before you give it to another.

“In this way you will be ready when the time comes for you to share from your heart with another who is wanting to listen, honor and respect you.

“Fear not this waiting time. Give gratitude to the opportunity to begin to listen to your own heart. You are beginning a friendship with your own heart. Be willing to sit each day and truly listen. In this way you will demonstrate extending the love that you are.

“Thank you again for taking this huge step and acknowledging the presence of love. Be at peace dear one. You are most certainly My precious and beloved child.”