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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

The Hand of God in Troubled Times

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Olivia: “My life is in a mess. It seems like there is a dark side holding me back from achieving my goals. My mother has brain cancer and now she can’t see or walk any more. My boyfriend has quit our relationship because of a misunderstanding. My immigration matters worry me and my finances are in the red. Nothing is working. I need the hand of God because nothing can be done on my own.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious One, I am so very delighted to hear your voice raised in question. You have already begun to hear and receive the answer which you so desperately want. You are connecting to that very deep and powerful voice of love in your heart.

“It is true, nothing can go well without God. And with God all things are possible. All things are love. All things are indeed kind. This seems and feels so very impossible – to have a loved one in pain and loss, to experience the ending of a relationship, and to have your very presence in country at question. Give thanks, dear one, you are in the very most perfect place in your life. You have done everything just so, and you are in the spot you are in as if by appointment.

“Now take a deep breath and be still. Fear not, there is no challenge or banishment possible, for you are already aware of the hand of God in your life. Know that you are My deep and dear treasure. You have been created solely to experience the truth of your own heritage. You are the child of God. You are always in the right place and the right time. That you are experiencing confusion and what appears to be mishap is for the purpose of attracting your attention to this truth: God loves you. You love God. This truth is inevitable and ever present.

“In the midst of all that is in your life, stop, this moment, and give thanks. Give thanks even for the most immediate and mundane need that is being met. Have you eaten? Have you had a drink of water? Did you sleep or smile or breathe today? Are you able to communicate your love to your mother who is in a place of receiving much love at this time? Give thanks for the process of immigration for there are many hands of God touching your paperwork. You have not been forgotten. You are ready to see the hand of God in your life. Be still and watch. Listen. You are being loved in this very moment. Take this in right now. You are being loved. Receive it. Feel it. Know it. The trials you are facing have been noticed and even as we speak angels of mercy and gentleness are moving to your side to carry you through all that is at hand.

“Fear not, beloved child, you are in the most perfect place. Open wide your eyes and see the power of your heart. Listen to your heart as it tells you exactly what it wants and needs. In the stillness of your heart, ask for whatever you want and need in any moment. Then, be still a moment and hear the answer. Is it a brief inkling to make a phone call you have been puttingoff; is it the refrain from a long forgotten poem to give you solace; is it a sign along the roadway giving you certain direction? All these ways of love are available to you. Let the blessings of this overwhelmed moment be yours. The intensity of this moment is directly proportional to your willingness and desire to hear God and be connected with His Love.

“Thank you, Precious One, for your heart, your question and your willingness to hear.

“Amen and Selah.”