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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now


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The heat and humidity assaulted my senses as I took my Keesha for her morning walk, before sunrise. Pale light brought out the blue in the sky. A few clouds fluffed their way around, waiting their turn to be set on fire by the soon-to-rise sun. As I entered the lake path, I said hello to my inner, highest self, that magical creature made by God in His image and likeness. I hadn’t talked to her on my morning walks for a few days. She returned my greeting and we walked together in silence around the three lovely lakes in our subdivision.

On my way home, I remembered to speak to my companion. As usual, I couldn’t think of a question to ask, so I just asked her to talk to me. Her response, from Holy Spirit, was a waking dream.

Since waking from my night’s sleep, I had occasionally pondered the issue of how real everything seems. The black, cracked surface of the street supports my body. The trees contribute to my ability to breath. How could these things not be “real.” Of course, for me they are only “real” for as long as my soul chooses to stay in the world with a solid body. For me, all of their reality is defined by my ability to perceive and remember, name and describe them. That is the same for all life forms, even though the mechanism to do these things differs according to the life form.

This is the message I received: “Okay now, it’s time to stand back from your thoughts and observe them. They are beautiful. They are your creations. “

I looked around me. The sky was pink. The cracks in the blacktop weaved a curious pattern. The stucco homes were lovely. The cacti supported many birds. Yes, all of these shapes entered my perceptions and generated thoughts of what they are. My body filled with appreciation and gratitude. Yes, my mind made these thoughts! As I stood back and observed my thoughts on all these objects and their meaning to me, it occurred to me what a wonderful ability it is to generate thoughts!  It is an ability that comes from God, and is shared by Him! There is no judgment, no comparison between the thoughts of God and the thoughts of man.

What about all those thoughts of pain, anxiety, and lack that take me into darkness so frequently? As I looked upon them, I knew that they too came from the same source—my mind. They all spring from the CREATIVE ABILITY of the extension of Love, even when judgment within the script of the world says they don’t reflect love. The feeling of gratitude for my ability to generate thoughts extended to the thoughts themselves. Like good and bad modern art, the fact that they were generated by an enormously loving mind gives me an opportunity to generate a feeling of appreciation for such a power. They are a thing of beauty. So too is all life.