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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Gratitude and Financial Blessing

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Lynn: “My husband is struggling in a job where the management wants to get rid of employees whose base salaries are higher. It is so stressful. He wants to start an independent venture and we need financial blessing. I try to remain faithful. Will this take a long time?”

The Voice for Love: “Thank you, My sweet child, for allowing yourself to trust. This is exactly what this time is calling forth in you. You are also calling into your awareness the love you have for your family and this too is demonstrating to you that Love is indeed the truth about you. Love and Trust. These are qualities you have. Be reminded that this is the truth not only about you but about all things in your midst. Trust is not a feeling, rather, it is indeed a quality of Love. And God is Love.

“Dearest One, your needs are always already met. In asking for guidance or direction or food or shelter, you are but reminding yourself that the answers, the guidance, is indeed right with you at all times. You cannot be left friendless or comfortless for your own heart is capable of Loving.

“Fear not this time of stressful conditions. You are learning and practicing loving in stressful conditions, like you might practice walking in the rain. You can still walk but the air feels different, your skin feels different and you notice how your foot falls in the puddles. You may not like the rain and yet it is bringing much needed growth and care to the land, as your family’s shift in business and work is bringing to your home.

“Fear not this process. Change is a gift as surely as a brightly wrapped present. Know that as you open this unknown gift, you can breathe deeply and relax, for it is meant only for your collective good. For your good, for your children’s good, for your husband’s good, for the good of the community. Shift and change bring the great gift of not knowing and in not knowing are all things possible. Dearest One, please hear that: In Not Knowing Are All Things Possible.

“Each day give yourself five minutes to feel the gratitude for the day, whatever it brings. Let this feeling of gratitude for your children, yourself, your husband flow out of you like water and light pouring forth from a waterfall. Watch the gratitude flow over the edge of the cliff of the uncertain in your day and see it pooling at the bottom, drenching the area with certainty and goodness. You are not alone, dear one. You may ask Me in any moment for direction and confirmation of My love for you. In times of uncertainty, practice the gratitude waterfall and trust that all that is going on is for your good.

“Thank you for your willingness to ask these questions. You are completely safe and beloved in every moment.

“Amen and Selah.”