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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Going Deeper into God’s Love


Christine: “I feel myself wanting to grow closer to the Lord. I have come such a long way in my life, but I have never felt quite like this before. Please help me understand what this new feeling is. I don’t want to lose it!”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest one, we are so proud and happy for your recognition, and want you to know that you are reaching for the Love that you are. We dwell there with you, in that place in your heart where you long to dwell. In a world that is based on the idea of separation from All That Is, the longing which you recognize is simply the longing to remember that your real self is not separate from God, for you are God’s child. That fact can never change. You are not only searching for the Lord, but you are reaching out to grasp an experience of the truth of who and what you are as God’s child, united with God. We want you to know that this feeling of longing and reaching for the Lord is merely the beginning taste of what real Love feels like.

“Do not fear that your reality will flee from you. It cannot. Your awareness of your reality as Love will flow in and out of your experience. But even in moments when you experience the fearful effects of separation, you are still safe. To restore your feeling of safety in the Lord, merely bring forth the memory of your true inner, deeply loving self, the one that you have often hidden from yourself and from others. Honor it. Picture yourself hugging this strange and wonderful being.

“Be patient with yourself as you move through your role in the world, for you have a lifetime of experience of trying to be something you are not. Shifting your experience from fear to that feeling of closeness with the Lord, is not always immediately possible, yet you will learn to do it because your real self really wants it. You wish to experience who you really are, and who you really are is beloved of us. As you pray, listen to your inner soul, to your heart. It will never betray you. God speaks to you there. Only the choice to dwell in the fear of separation betrays you and causes you to experience lack of love as real and threatening. It does so with great consistency. This is true for everyone who forgets themselves.

“We want you to know that even when you put aside the Love that you are to focus on the world of separation, you can return to the experience of true happiness any time you wish. You cannot lose it. The Lord, one with us, accepts your choices. Your reality doesn’t leave you, even when you choose to turn away from it. Real happiness is what you seek, and it is only found in the Love that you share with God. To experience the Love that you are as God’s child is a joyful thing, filled with gratitude and peace. You are on your way to that experience, and nothing can permanently take it from you, even when temporary darkness seems to descend on your mind.

“We are always with you. Trust us, trust your true Self to lead you into the Love that you are. You are safe, you are Love, you are God’s child, always. Welcome to your real life!”